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Social Networks & Apps

Cyberbullying and abuse on social media

If you are being cyberbullied, it can be easy to feel helpless – but we want to give you back the power! In this section you will find lots of information about different social networking sites and apps, including what they can be used for, who uses them and advice on how to deal with problems such as cyberbullying, harassment and threatening behaviour.

If you are a parent, be sure to visit our Cyberbullying Help for Parents section to get all the information you need to protect your children and teens online and also download our free Parents Guide to Cyberbullying and Digital Abuse which is packed with useful tips to combat cyberbullying!

We are always trying to help people who experience cyberbullying problems and help to educate people about online safety (If you are affected by cyberbullying or digital abuse visit our Cyberbullying Help Centre or Total Access Support section for further assistance). If you have any feedback about our help section, get in touch. For example, if there are other social networking sites that you would like to be added to this site, or other problems you would like to see solutions to, let us know: info@cybersmile.org.