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Academic Research

Banter or Bullying?

A Cybersmile report exploring the relationship between banter and bullying amongst young people in the U.K.

Social America

A 20,000+ participant report by The Cybersmile Foundation of insights into Millennial and Gen Z attitudes and perspectives toward social media in the U.S.

Beauty Cyberbullying - Expression Repression

Rimmel commissioned major research of 11,000 young women aged 16-25 across 10 countries to learn more about the problem of Beauty Cyberbullying.

When Online Harassment Is Perceived As Justified 2018

Two online experiments (n=160; n=432) to test the relationship between retribution and the perception of online harassment as appropriate, justified and deserved. Lindsay Blackwell, Tianying Chen, Sarita Schoenebeck, Cliff Lampe.

Cyberbullying, Positive Mental Health and Suicide Ideation/Behavior 2018

Julia Brailovskaia, Tobias Teismann, Jurgen Margraf, Cyberbullying, Positive Mental Health and Suicide Ideation/Behavior, Psychiatry Research (2018).

Online Harassment 2017

A nationally representative Pew Research Center survey of 4,248 U.S. adults exploring online abuse and harassment from various perspectives.