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Become An Official Cybersmile School Partner!

Become an Official Cybersmile School Partner and benefit from year-round activities, exclusive educational content, access to live broadcasts from industry experts and celebrities, exclusive giveaways and much more! In addition, you will automatically qualify as an ‘Official School Partner’ to Stop Cyberbullying Day – an annual event supported by some of the world’s biggest brands and celebrities, working together to promote a truly diverse and inclusive internet – free from bullying, threats, harassment and abuse.

Two partnerships included!

The two partnerships are designed to provide year-round education and activities to engage with not only students – staff and parents will also benefit from Cybersmile’s expert resources, while enhancing your school’s bullying/cyberbullying policies by addressing issues including cyberbullying, online abuse, digital citizenship, positive online gaming, digital footprint, netiquette, personal security and much more!

Get both official partnerships Without Paying Anything!

In Cybersmile’s true spirit of total inclusion we are offering these two amazing partnerships to EVERYBODY regardless of your particular school budget/financial position. Whether your school is lacking surplus funds to pay for the partnerships or because your school would simply prefer to bring your school community together for a positive cause – choose the fundraise option below to find out how you can become an Official Cybersmile School partner for FREE!

Download Official School Partnership Program


  • Pledge your support in tackling this overwhelming problem.
  • Boost your bullying/cyberbullying policy.
  • Logo or photo of your school including a short message or biography listed on our ‘Official School Partners’ archive.
  • Free 365-day partnership with The Cybersmile Foundation.
  • Work with the community to put forward ideas and programs with partnering schools at home and abroad.
  • Access to educational tools throughout the year including digital online courses, exclusive thought leader videos and partner-exclusive contest giveaways.
  • 2x customized ‘Official School Partner’ digital certificates showing your institution’s logo for displaying on your website and in media collaterals. 1x ‘Official School Partner’ to The Cybersmile Foundation. 1x ‘Official School Partner’ to Stop Cyberbullying Day.
  • Access to partner-only education and activity programs on a variety of subjects including cybersecurity, reputation management, e-safety, digital citizenship and much more.
  • Contest Prize Bundle Pack (USB drives, t-shirts and more included).
  • Press release document with statement from Stop Cyberbullying Day representative.
  • 5x Tweets from verified @CybersmileHQ account on Twitter (55k+ followers) promoting our partnership.
  • 1x Facebook update notifying readers of our partnership.
  • Official Stop Cyberbullying Day Program.
  • All donations go directly to The Cybersmile Foundation providing support to cyberbullying victims and people who have suffered online abuse.
  • Only $249 or FREE when selecting the option below to fundraise for Cybersmile!


Fundraise Option