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Global Support Service

Expert Global Cyberbullying Support Service

Help and support for cyberbullying and online abuse from trained advisors – wherever you are in the world!

Our Global Support Service means you and your family are only a click away from expert help for cyberbullying and online abuse. Our online advisors work around the clock, making sure that you get the help you need tailored for your situation – no matter your age, race, gender, language or location.

All Cybersmile support advisors are trained and many have been victims themselves, so we know how much it hurts. Getting help is easy by following the simple steps below and don’t forget to check out our Cyberbullying and Online Abuse Help Center for even more help! 


Reach out to our trained support team by sending an email to [email protected]. The email should contain as much information about your problem as possible – include evidence of cyberbullying, online abuse or harassment as this could be needed at a later date.


Your enquiry will be assessed by our global support team and a trained advisor will be allocated to help you. The advisor will make contact and start providing you with advice relevant to your particular situation. At this point, you and your advisor will normally work together to identify realistic, practical ways for you to deal with and move on from your negative or challenging online experience.


Once you are feeling ready, you and your advisor will work out the most suitable next steps for your particular case of cyberbullying or online abuse/harassment. This can include referral for further emotional, practical or legal support from our approved network of professionals. Some people feel ready to move on at this point, having learnt new found coping strategies or identified a satisfactory resolution to their problem and say goodbye to the Cybersmile team!


Some people need ongoing help following their experience of online abuse, Cybersmile will provide the necessary support until you feel ready to go it alone!