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What is Chatroulette?

Chatroulette markets itself as a fun and safe way of talking to people online through webcam based conversation using people’s microphones. They also offer a text chat but your camera still has to be active while using it.

The platform operates by pairing people at random, and no details are given before using the service therefore it is completely anonymous – giving out only as much information as you choose to. While paired with someone, each user gets the option to end the call whenever they please. Whenever the ‘end’ button is selected, you will automatically be paired with someone new.

How to deal with cyberbullying and abuse on Chatroulette

If someone is behaving in an offensive nature while using Chatroulette, it is possible to report them to the platform. If Chatroulette find that the user is breaching the website’s terms of use, they will be warned to stop what they are doing and depending on the severity and number of times they have been reported – they could be permanently banned from using the service completely.

Another way to deal with cyberbullying and online abuse on Chatroulette is by selecting the ‘End’ button. Once this button is selected, the call will immediately end. Once the call has ended, you will not be paired with the them again.

The risks of using Chatroulette

Although Chatroulette is advertised and promoted as a fun, safe way to meet new people from all around the world, it also comes with risks. The platform has evolved into a much more mature platform where many users of the site use it inappropriately to show sexually explicit content or target people for scams. Although Chatroulette is used by real, authentic people – we recommend extreme caution when using this platform.

Chatroulette warning

The Chatroulette website displays the following warning to all users:

“It is possible for a person to record your webcam. Scammers are known to do this and then blackmail a person with the footage. It is also possible for a person to use ‘fake webcam’ software in order to hide their true identity. Don’t do anything on webcam that can be used against you.”