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Cyberbullying Support

Help for cyberbullying and online abuse

We know how painful it is to be the victim of cyberbullying and digital abuse, that’s why we make our support services as accessible as possible – for everyone. Below you will find the various ways that you can start getting the help you need, when you need it.

It is important to recognize that none of the Cybersmile support services are meant to replace crisis support. If you feel threatened or that you are in danger in any way you should contact your local Police service. If you feel that you might hurt yourself or somebody else, please seek professional crisis or medical support immediately.

To hear from people that have used our support services you can visit our testimonials area.


Our website is full of useful information and resources to help you and your family avoid cyberbullying, digital abuse and harassment. It will also help you to know what to do should you fall victim to abuse online. You can explore our Cyberbullying and Online Abuse Help Center which covers everything from reputation management and help for parents right through to help with harassment and abuse in video games.


Cybersmile Assistant is our groundbreaking AI smart assistant which can help you with various types of problems including cyberbullying, anxiety, mental health, eating disorders and many more. The assistant is designed to provide support and direction to internet users around the world, providing users with practical advice, useful information and access to geo-targeted support services (in supported countries). You can learn more about our AI assistant or get help from Cybersmile Assistant right away by clicking on the blue logo icon on the bottom right of the screen. Please note – Cybersmile Assistant is not human and is not meant to replace crisis support.


If you need help with cyberbullying or digital abuse and feel that you need more in-depth help than social media support can offer then our Global Support Service might be for you. We have trained support advisors working globally, 24/7 who will help you navigate your problems of abuse or harassment online. Sometimes our team will recommend this option to cases that cannot be solved on other platforms. Once you make a request for support, you will be assigned a trained support advisor most suited to help with your particular situation. Please include as much information as possible about the cyberbullying/online abuse you are receiving and include as much evidence as possible (you will need screenshots to demonstrate ‘ongoing harassment’ if things escalate to legal action). It’s worth exploring our Help Center for any answers to your problem first as this will be faster! Visit our Global Support Service for further information.


This is our verified Cybersmile advice channel launched in partnership with Twitter as an official Twitter trusted resource. Here you can get friendly advice 24/7 from our trained advisors in the place you feel most comfortable and familiar, online. @AskCybersmile also tweets useful and informative content relating to online security and safety too!


Don’t underestimate the power of #POSITIVITY! If you’re having a bad day and need a pick-me-up, head to our main Twitter account @CybersmileHQ for a constant stream of happy thoughts. Sometimes, a positive environment can make all the difference when a negative situation starts taking its toll. For more serious cases of cyberbullying and digital abuse we would recommend making use of Cybersmile Assistant by clicking the blue logo icon on the bottom right of the screen.


Our inbox is open! If you’d prefer to communicate with us via Facebook, head on over to our page and send us a message. You’ll find a good old dose of #POSITIVITY while you’re there too!


Got a burning question about cyberbullying or online abuse? Head to the Cybersmile Support Community to ask and answer all your questions – letting the Cybersmile community and trained moderators share their views and experiences with you. This is a great place to get advice for your particular situation or to help others with theirs!