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Research Center

Exploring issues affecting internet users of all ages

Explore our archive of research from Cybersmile and selected partners addressing a wide range of issues affecting internet users of all ages. Scroll down to access studies and reports from a variety of research projects conducted over a number of years.

You can freely download Cybersmile research and reports from this section for academic and editorial purposes. If you would like to re-use reports that we have published in commercial works such as print journals, magazines or books, please contact us for the necessary permissions.

To publish your research or study on the Cybersmile website, please reach out to us and someone will be in touch.

Become a Cybersmile Research Partner

Cybersmile works alongside brand partners and educational institutions to undertake meaningful studies to better understand issues affecting internet users from all demographics.

After identifying a specific area of focus, we then work together to decide on the most appropriate method and sample size for the research and accompanying report.

After collating and managing the raw research data, Cybersmile’s design team will create a bespoke co-branded report which can be used to publish the findings, with the raw data being made available to the brand or educational institute for further analysis.

For brand partners, there is an additional option for Cybersmile to create a fully branded, educational module from the findings of the research to be incorporated into the Cybersmile Education Program. This option creates a legacy for the research partnership in addition to providing factually accurate and up-to-date information for internet users all over the world.

To learn more about partnering with Cybersmile for research or to learn more about our work, reach out and someone will be in touch.