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Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Managing our reputations on the internet has never been more important. The practice of ‘checking people out’ for potential jobs, relationships and even memberships are now primarily done on the internet by searching popular social media platforms and search engines. Although most people are now aware of the potential for fake and toxic content online – there are still large numbers of people who give credibility to the information available.

How We Build our Digital Footprint

Between the numerous social media platforms and websites we interact with and post to daily, internet users unconsciously create a figurative digital “file” of information such as images, likes/dislikes and check-ins that all reveal our personal attributes. This file, our own unique ‘digital footprint’ – generated from all our activity online – is now discoverable by anyone with access to the internet, these can include people such as friends, potential business contacts, and love interests. As our lives continue to become increasingly digital, we should be cognizant of what we are actively contributing to our digital footprint, and the various ways these online activities can come back to harm us in the form of reputation attacks.

Discover the different kinds of reputation attacks

Reputation attacks typically (but not exclusively) take one of three forms – personal attacks, professional attacks, or corporate attacks.

Within this section, you can learn more about reputation management, types of reputation attacks, how to deal with online reputation attacks, how to protect yourself and your company/organization from damage to your reputation and tips for reputation management.

The high profile 2014 corporate attack on Sony Pictures resulted in severe damage to I.T systems which alone, incurred costs of approximately 35 million dollars. The true and total cost of the attack is incalculable.