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As a gamer and content creator, I thought that trolling, harassment, and cyberbullying was just something I had to accept to exist online. I’ve spent years in this space with constant anxiety over how I would handle it when it happened. Then I experienced a reputation attack, and it felt like my entire online existence was crumbling around me. I felt attacked, alone, embarrassed and worried I’d never feel confident enough to continue creating content or even exist online. Thankfully, I found Cybersmile. They gave me the tools to help keep my online spaces, lobbies and community defended from Cyberbullying. Cybersmile gives us resources, support and education to help, and the simplicity to share with anyone else we see going through cyberbullying. Not only did I find tools to help me in that moment when I felt my online life crashing in on me, but I FEEL supported and am prepared and confident to be my best self online and offline. I don’t feel alone and so much stronger thanks to the support I’ve found here!

Jordan photo

I absolutely love The Cybersmile Foundation! They have really helped me get through some tough situations in my life. Thank you and please keep up the great work!

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Whenever you need help or someone to talk to The Cybersmile Foundation will help you and be there for you. They inspired me to the point where I told myself if I want to see a change I have to be part of that change. At this moment I am a volunteer Cybersmiler because sometime in my life I was always criticised about my weight and it left me with a really low self-esteem. Since then I made a vow that I would never allow someone to feel the same way I did and I want to make that change by being that change! When I came across Cybersmile I decided I would be the change not only for myself but for all those teens that lost their lives due to cyberbullying.

This foundation is awesome and I can’t thank them enough for being there and for always giving everyone their support. I honestly salute The Cybersmile Foundation, you guys are amazing and you guys make the world a better place.

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I appreciate the team at Cybersmile who take their time to think on how to mentor, encourage and uplift others. They are true leaders. Big up to you Cybersmile, millions do smile because of you.

Christopher photo

What you guys do, the work, the understanding, this wisdom, is what the world needs more of. Thank you for working hard to make our virtual world safer.

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Trolling and hateful comments affected my mental health hugely. I felt like the nasty comments took all of my confidence and happiness, there were days where I would stay in bed and cry until I felt worthless. I woke up one day and decided that I can’t continue feeling this way and searched for charities specific to cyberbullying and found The Cybersmile Foundation. I did some research and fell in love with the whole organisation. As well as giving me amazing support, Cybersmile have reminded me how important self love is and that I should just be myself and never apologise for that. I will never allow another troll to make me feel worthless again.

Jean photo

I love your mission and thank you for your kindness, encouragement and gentleness in helping everyone who is going through a difficult time. So many people face hardships every day online and it is great to know that someone cares and is available to help.

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I met some of the Cybersmile team when they were winning a social impact award at Parliament in London back in 2013 and I have since supported the cause. When I see trolling or cyberbullying online I drop Cybersmile into the conversation in the hope that the person needing support will click their handle and then go to the Cybersmile website because it is jam packed with useful advice and information to help deal with these types of difficult situations. Thank you for making the internet a nicer place for all.

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Cybersmile is an authentic space of affirmation and encouragement. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are located – this community is always ready to remind you that you matter, you belong and you have a right to be here. Somehow, I always seem to read the right words at the right time and… yes, I smile! There is so much hate and anger in this world and it is easy to become disheartened but Cybersmile refreshes the soul! “Big up yuhself!”

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I love The Cybersmile Foundation! Ever since I was younger, I always felt out of place. An outcast to everyone else. I felt that there must have been something wrong with me since all of these other people kept bullying me, calling me ‘weird’. I didn’t understand why they were doing it or how to stop it. It is so great to have this foundation, The Cybersmile Foundation, who promote the importance of remembering that you matter and that it is okay to be you! I am so glad I found the Cybersmile community and wished it was around back when I was growing up in the 80’s and 90’s! I hope they continue to be as amazing as they are today. As we look forward to a bright and beautiful future, let us not forget that YOU MATTER!

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Thank you Cybersmile for doing such amazing work. This is the first time in my life that I have found a place that makes me smile when I see people helping each other on a day to day basis. Thanks to you I can see a good side of social media. It’s great work that you are doing, keep it up!

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You have no idea how much your support has helped me out of the toughest time I ever went through.

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As someone who endured bullying in middle and high school, I know what a massive difference a foundation like Cybersmile would have made in my life when I needed support. As well as providing help and support to people in need, Cybersmile spreads love and sunshine and pure sparkly joy and creates a community on the internet to help people from not being alone. While social media has been such an amazing positive in my life, allowing me to make lifelong friends and meet brilliant people from all over the world, many other people have not been so lucky. Instead, social media can be as toxic and soul-destroying as everything I had to go through. Thank you so much Cybersmile, for reminding everyone that they are more than worth it. You help us all put light back into the world #ImaCybersmiler.

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I love The Cybersmile Foundation because it brings so much love. I’m dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and depression and everyday with their love and help I have a smile on my face. Thank you so very much for making me better when I am not feeling very well.

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I’ve been a Cybersmiler since 2014 and I am really happy with the difference you guys are making. Thank you and please never stop what you are doing. You are one of the reasons why I’m still here.

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Being overweight, wearing glasses and having severe acne while growing up makes you a target of bullying – that’s one reason why I never felt comfortable with myself. I first heard of the Cybersmile Foundation after Richard Armitage who I had just started to follow on Twitter was announced as their Ambassador. After taking a closer look at what The Cybersmile Foundation does I decided to help them spread positivity by becoming a Cybersmiler and passing on their positive and encouraging messages on social media. By doing that I feel encouraged, too, and I find it much easier not to think so much about what others think of me.

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I had been struggling with despair and lost hope for much of the year, but then Cybersmile announced their #ImACybersmiler campaign, to offset online negativity with positivity! I had no idea when I joined that my life would be changed for the better. I was very close to giving up completely when I joined the campaign, and made a commitment to myself to post a positive thought every day on my twitter account. When searching for positive thoughts, I began to see the positive. I began to think more positively. About everything. And, in this new positive perspective, I found the hope I had lost. It is safe to say that Cybersmile’s #ImACybersmiler Campaign saved my life this past year. Thank you. Dark days may be ahead, but I am positive I will be able to get through them. There’s a light inside me again, and I’m going to let it shine!

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Growing up with acne has made me a target for bullying. I’ve had periods, where my acne is so bad in photos, that I’ve felt I had to edit them to make them ‘perfect’. 5 years of bullying about this has resulted in crippling insecurity about my appearance. However, since finding The Cybersmile Foundation things have changed. Cybersmile has taught me there’s nothing wrong with me being who I am. I don’t have to worry about what others think or say about my acne – I don’t feel the need to edit my photos anymore! It feels great to be a part of the Cybersmile community. I never really felt like I was a part of anything at school, which was very tough – but being surrounded by like-minded people with Cybersmile is great! #ImACybersmiler.

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I just want to say that I’m a great supporter of The Cybersmile Foundation! I am so proud of what they have done for all those people that were in need of advice and support. The people behind Cybersmile are very kind for making it! It truly does help us and I hope one day it will solve everyones problems. Don’t give up because Cybersmile can help you!

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My name is Danny, I’m 14 years old, I’m from Queretaro, Mexico and I joined social media like 2 years ago. My life was very cool in the internet, I make internet best friends, and all is very pretty. But yesterday, I downloaded a new app where the people can send you annonymous messages, and the people commented horrible things about my physical appearance, and it hurt really bad, it has affected me and I feel ugly since a lot of time. Another thing, is that I really want to be famous one day, but if the people say this comments about me, I have lost my faith. :(
But today I talk with Cybersmile and they make me feel best. They are so great, I love to talk with them.

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Cybersmile has already made a positive impact within our gaming community. We are seeing clear evidence of attitudinal change as a consequence of Cybersmile’s messages and content. Small, subtle changes in attitude and behaviour – Small steps but giant leaps!
We find that often gamers blindly and unthinkingly participate in cyberbullying, remaining blithely unaware of the devastating impact cyberbullying can have – its real; and it’s horrible. Cybersmile has helped us enormously through their expertise and 24 hour service. They have amazing resources, which are effectively informing and educating our gaming community about the dangers and adverse effects of cyberbullying. Above all, Cybersmile presents positivity, giving people the strength and confidence to deal effectively with experiences of cyberbullying.
We at Lucky 7 love your work Cybersmile!

Melissa photo

Hi I’m Melissa I’m 19 and haven’t had the best life when it comes to bullying, I never was a confident person. I remember finally bringing myself to a happy place and posting a full body photo on Instagram, moments later my heart was filled with regret as I received so much abuse, it was hurtful cyberbullying. For years I never really found anything to help with the bullying, it became a natural thing to happen to me…until I found Cybersmile. Their support and positivity have made me realise that there is more to life than feeling low and lonely so thank you!

Nicole photo

In recent months I’ve learned that cyberbullying knows no bounds — it can happen to anyone and is not unique to children or teenagers. This is why the work that Cybersmile does is so important. The positivity and light to the world that The Cybersmile Foundation adds is immeasurable. The people who’s lives have been forever changed as a result of the help that Cybersmile provides is awe-inspiring. The fact that there is such a great resource available for people to get help in dealing with the negative attacks that come on anyone, without judgement, is invaluable. I’m a happy supporter and Cybersmiler continuing to spread the word of Positivity that Cybersmile is so determined to share. Thank you for setting a shining example of how there can be positive, encouraging experiences in this digital age and helping those who struggle with this!

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I entered the online world almost three years ago. Coming from a depressive state of mind, I seeked shelter in the online community. At the beginning, I was confused and lost. It was all very overwhelming, people from different backgrounds and different mindsets than mine coming and interacting. It was generally positive, but I have had multiple incidents telling me I am a freak (given that I am a gay girl) and lots of other horrible names. I was outcasted, in real life and online. Then I read a Richard Armitage article about Cybersmile and I started following their work. It was the best decision I have ever made, I found other people who thought the same as me. I found a welcoming community and responsive individuals. I found people who accepted me as I am and did not care about my sexuality or my background. I am very grateful for Richard Armitage for letting me know about this awesome organization. Because of what they do, I want to help others through them too! Cybersmile gave me something very important that I didn’t have, they gave me home.

Shahida photo

In an era where everything is becoming increasingly digital, I am so grateful that Cybersmile has stepped up as an advocate and safe haven for those who have been victimized. Cyberbullying has devastating effects on those who are affected, threatening their feelings of safety, privacy and worthiness. Cybersmile offers a plethora of resources and information designed to help individuals identify cyberbullying tactics, know their rights, access pertinent research on the topic and gain essential support through their global network. I am so grateful that this much needed organization exists to help and inspire survivors of cyberbullying. It is the most comprehensive platform I’ve come across yet!

Lisa Jackson, Chief Executive photo

Exciting, innovative, trail blazing; these are just a few words I’d use to sum up Cybersmile and their incredible work. We are delighted to have invested in this organisation; such an incredible impact from our donations felt positively across the internet. An essential group for the issues facing today’s youth and one we are proud to support.

Laura photo

When down and out, I know I have powerful outlets to connect with and that’s the brilliant magic in Cybersmile. In this digital age, Cybersmile serves as a community where we can control not only the tone and tenor of our online conversation, but also help positively influence others so that such behaviour trickles down. This is why at least once a week, I like to scroll through the Twitter posts with the hashtag #ImACybersmiler. It’s powerful stuff.

Ben photo

I don’t think people understand how important this group is until they have been or are being cyberbullied. Cybersmile is so important, they teach people to be confident and to love themselves for who they are. They stop people feeling ashamed of themselves. If they need any more advocates they can sign me up! Nothing anyone can say will break me, which is why I plant my flag of #POSITIVITY deep into the ground, because baby i’m not going anywhere!

Júlia photo

I will tell you a story. Some people who I thought were my friends, mirrored hate rumors about me. It hurts so much. I was so scared and didn’t know how to ask for help. People began to hate me and I also started to hate myself, I know how hard this cyber world can be. The Cybersmile Foundation is so important!! I’m so grateful for this movement because I can feel safe. Thank you so much for supporting me, I totally support this movement!

Kani photo

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. I’ve struggled so much with bullying because I didn’t have the same taste as someone else or I didn’t come from a rich family. Cybersmile taught me there’s nothing wrong with being who I am. I don’t have to pretend to be someone I never was. Cybersmile has helped me so much. Thank you for being lifesavers. “Today will never come again. Be a blessing. be a friend. Encourage someone. Take time to care. Let your words heal, and not wound.”

Alyssa photo

I was being cyberbullied by someone who I thought was my friend. Everyone is subject to cyberbullying; I used to think it wouldn’t affect me but it has. It got to the point where I had no idea what to do, I knew about Cybersmile and looked around their website to see if anyone had a similar situation and posted a topic in the Cybersmile forum. I ended up getting some really helpful replies about what to do, and if the person continues to bully me I will use their email support program. Remember if you are being bullied online that Cybersmile has a great website you can go to if you ever need help from a professional or even just from the Cybersmile community, they helped me a lot with what to do. Please know that you aren’t alone and there are people that are willing to help if you need it.

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One of the hardest realizations I’ve ever had to face was understanding that the bullying in my life will never stop. But after finding Cybersmile nearly a year ago, I also realized that while I cannot change the behaviours of the bullies in my life, I certainly can change the ways in which I allow others’ behaviour to affect me. The support, advice, resources, articles, testimonials, forum and blog posts at Cybersmile are invaluable to me. Though I still struggle every day to overcome the effects of a lifetime of bullying, I have found the strength and tools I need to make necessary changes within my heart and mind. Through the many courageous people who have been brave enough to reach out to Cybersmile for the help, answers and support they need, I have found the courage to reach out and speak up, myself…to ask for the help I need and to offer to others who need it too. As I look back on these months I can track the powerful, positive changes in myself, and I realise that through The Cybersmile Foundation and Cybersmilers world-wide, the power belongs to me, because I’m learning how to take it away from those who cause harm. I cannot thank you all enough for being who you are and doing what you do, and for welcoming me into this community with open eyes, minds, hearts and arms. I am proud of every individual who’s a part of this extraordinary organization, and I am truly blessed to have found you when I did. Much love, gratitude and all the positive support I can give! =)

Oliver Miao, CEO photo

Partnering with Cybersmile has been an amazing experience, after announcing our partnership we saw a 16% increase in player numbers and an 18% increase in revenue. They have been incredibly responsive to work with, helped us grow our social media presence and because of our partnership with them – news of our story has been published through media outlets such as The Washington Post, International Business Times and VentureBeat. They effectively used celebrities to tweet about our partnership reaching millions of people and even arranged for One Direction to be involved in our game. Most importantly, knowing that our partnership has changed and even saved lives has been incredibly rewarding.

Kiri photo

I had it all, from phone calls, abusive texts, online abuse, pages set up about me on social media and social media spilling with hate. I adore The Cybersmile Foundation because if I had known about them when I was being cyber bullied I truly believe it would have helped, speaking to others that are going through it or have been through it and that have an understanding of the problem makes such a difference. It stops you feeling alone. I am such a supporter of Cybersmile, anything to stop anybody going through and feeling what i did.

Abbigail photo

You have helped me so much. The support you have given me in the past is amazing and I have beat the cyber bullies all because of you. Never be afraid to contact Cybersmile because they will always send you a smile back! The advice and help is brilliant and I highly recommend them to anyone who is being cyber bullied.

Cynthia photo

I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely proud of how far this organization has come. I have been a supporter of this charity for a few years now and I continue to spread positivity online. You have changed the lives of so many people and I am forever thankful. Keep doing what you do, much love.

Patricia Cartes, Head of Global Trust & Safety photo

The Cybersmile Foundation is one of our main partners worldwide. Their feedback and support have been instrumental to us as we have continued to grow. Their initiatives help bring home a very positive messaging amongst young users. Cybersmile’s insight into online abuse, swift support and ongoing collaboration with Twitter make them a key partner for us.

Kani photo

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. I’ve struggled so much with bullying because I didn’t have the same taste as someone else or I didn’t come from a rich family. Cybersmile taught me there’s nothing wrong with being who I am. I don’t have to pretend to be someone I never was. Cybersmile has helped me so much. Thank you for being lifesavers. “Today will never come again. Be a blessing. be a friend. Encourage someone. Take time to care. Let your words heal, and not wound.”

Lizzie Cox, Editor photo

We decided to partner with The Cybersmile Foundation not only because cyberbullying is a problem affecting many of our readers, but because Cybersmile have a unique ability to understand the teenagers and young adults of today. Through various initiatives and teaming up with relevant celebrities Cybersmile have gained credibility in the fickle world of social media, allowing them a position of influence over today’s youth. It’s been the perfect partnership for us, both staff and readers have come together to support Cybersmile and have even done fundraising together! With their incredible teen engagement and the way they have made being nice to each other cool, we are hugely excited about our future together.

Daniela photo

We live in time when internet, social networks, TVs and cell phones took over our lives and nobody knows anymore do we control them or they are actually control us. We can get to any information very fast but information about us and our private lives are available to everybody. But when you are cyber-bullied, unlike being bullied in real life, you can block the person, delete messages, report him/her, unfriend him/her. The scars remain but it’s easier to back the bully off. It’s hard but Cybersmile is amazing site for anyone who needs help with these ‘scars’. It helped me and some of my friends too. Reading other people’s stories helps us to adopt ours. Thank you, Cybersmile, from a girl that wants to give back for the help I’ve got…

Daniela photo

Frankly, I don’t think there is any foundation so committed to solve and help teenagers issues than Cybersmile. They’re not only a charity but they’re a family for those who think that being bullied is normal. Cybersmile manage the unimaginable ways to reach to every single boy or girl that suffers not only Cyber Bullying but Bullying in general,  it’s all about showing them that they’re NOT ALONE, there’re people who cares and want the best. Personally, Cybersmile have helped me get stronger in every step of my life and I want others to have the same thing that I have. Don’t close your eyes in front of the opportunity to be heard. For those who aren’t a believers I must say that their eyes were closed way too early. GO CYBERSMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca photo

Thank you so much Cybersmile! I was getting cyber bullied by my best friend and I didn’t know what to do. But then I came on your website and I follow the steps. It worked!!!!! From Rebecca, someone who loves Cybersmile!

Nathan photo

Hello Kim Nathan here… Half korean and filipino… 13 years old! I was enduring bullying for 5 months and that days are miserable. That time… I don’t know what to do and I am very confused. I just want to commit suicide because of my miserable life… But when I have encountered Cybersmile Foundation.. I was refreshed and I am now brave. I got courage and I started to move forward. Now I am living my life without any problems. And the one who bullied me became my friend. And now I am focusing on my studies… Thanks to Cybersmile Foundation they helped me with my problems, without them maybe I committed suicide… And now, I am encouraging you that in time of trouble… Be positive and have courage to move forward #positivity

Courtney photo

I am 16 years old and for 10 years of my life I was bullied severely. There was different forms of bullying that I recieved, physical, emotional, cyber-bullying you name it, it probably happened to me. I self harmed and attempted suicide several times. Due to everything that has gone on I now suffer with depression, social anxiety and trust issues. I have been seeing a counsellor for the last 5 years and I have even gone to a mental health doctor due to the mental scars it has given me. But it does get easier, speaking to someone helps a lot. I found the Cybersmile website through High School Story, which is a really good game by the way. I looked through the website and then decided I wanted to help, so I tweeted that I wanted to be a cybersmiler. I am the happiest I have ever been after speaking to someone and finding The Cybersmile Foundation!

Lara photo

So, recently I came across Danielle Peazer’s blog post about The Cybersmile Foundation and I decided to check it out. I’ve dealt with some personal issues in the past and when I saw Cybersmile is trying to get everyone involved in their foundation I was over the top. To listen to people talking about bullying and being involved in it, is something totally different and that’s one of the many reasons I want to support Cybersmile Foundation. I believe that people should be more aware of bullying because some just take it as a joke. Bullying is a serious problem and there should be more organisations worldwide. Every country should have a strong anti-bullying base. I want to thank you, Cybersmile Foundation, for helping so many people and for giving everyone a chance to help someone with their struggle.

Katie photo

The Cybersmile Foundation is amazing. I have been online bullied before, and bullied in person. Life can be hard, and people can be mean, but you just have to pick your head up. No one deserves to be bullied and no matter who you are or what you are going through there will always be someone willing to help. I love this organization because they help people, who then help someone else and it becomes like an explosion of happiness that never stops. I want to encourage you to support this foundation and help them grow. Become a Cybersmiler and spread the love and happiness. I can proudly say that I AM A CYBERSMILER, and I am so thankful a website like this exists. I will continue to support this Foundation and inform everyone I know about the wonderful work they are doing. <3 If you are being bullied, please don’t hesitate to talk to someone. I Promise it will change your life.

Alex photo

No matter how big or small your problem is. There is someone always available to help. It doesn’t have to be a counsellor even just a cybersmiler, someone is willing to help. What I love about this organisation is that people bounce from each other. One person who has gotten through such a terrible time helps another and so on. Soon it becomes a big connection of people much happier and have gained friends. I will be buying some merchandise to help support Cybersmile. After the summer holidays I will see if my school will let me run some form of a fundraising event, even just a bun sale.

Farhah photo

I wanted to say a massive thank you to Cybersmile. I wish I had access to a charity like this when I was being bullied. This is an excellent site with tons of inspirational quotes and tons of support for people suffering with cyberbullying, bullying etc. Keep up the good work. You saved many peoples lives. Thank you so much for letting me help others and be a Cybersmiler, and always making my day no matter what. Thank you so much Cybersmile, you are wonderful people and an amazing and inspirational account.

Emma photo

I love it when good people work hard for a good cause! I know that if we bring everyone together we would all be much happier. I was touched when I read articles on your website. I could picture Hope’s story on High School Story and was scared when she ran away. I realized it could all happen. I make sure that I always say what I mean when talking through electronics and think before I write. Thank you for all your hard work and keep it up!

Sophie photo

I just wanted to tell you how things are going since we last spoke a couple of weeks ago. Everything is going great, the bullying has stopped, and I am a much happier person, although I still have a bad day sometimes, but all teens have a bad day sometimes. Since speaking to you I have loved all your support which I really needed and I have taken all your advice and now it has turned my life round (in a good way)! I really appreciate all your help, advice and all your support, I can’t thank you enough! :-) P.S. my job is also going great and have met so many new friends and I love everything about me and my life and I really can’t thank you enough, so thanks again!

Jenny photo

I first became aware of Cybersmile in Oct 2013. I was in a situation where my daughter of 14yrs was the victim of systematic cyber bullying that appeared to be instigated by someone at school. We didn’t know who was behind it. I was left not knowing where to turn as school were clearly out of their depth and didn’t manage the situation well at all. My daughter was left feeling vulnerable, insecure and victimised. She questioned whether she could trust any of her friends as she didn’t know who was behind what was going on. At around 10.30pm one evening I can recall feeling alone and desperately worried not knowing what to do for the best to support my daughter. I searched the internet and found a support line number and website for Cybersmile. I called them fully expecting an answerphone but I was met by a person who listened, understood and had been through a similar situation with their own child. The support and advice both she and I were given has been invaluable. It has been a rocky road and the damage to my daughter and our family has not yet healed but we are well on the way and the support of Cybersmile has been invaluable, they were there at a time when we felt completely alone and showed us that we weren’t. Thank you all so much.

Yanaira photo

2 years ago I was in a group on Facebook for my favorite band. One day I posted a pic of me as a look alike from one of the members, just to share it. Later that day when I came home a friend send me a message saying don’t go on the group cause they’re making fun of you, I went in anyway and what I saw was so cruel and so mean. It was so awful and they were tons of people saying those stuff. One post said ‘’thats not cool what if she sees it’’ one comment said ‘’thats the point.’’ At that point I didn’t know what to do I was so sad and broken. Then I saw Cybersmile on Twitter and the posts help me a lot and the site gave great advice and it saved me. I’m feeling better because of them, so I decided to delete the negativity in my life and deleted Facebook and went on with my life and it got better for me. I got great friend on Twitter and outside Twitter and my life has been great! God put you in this world cause you are strong enough to live it. So proud to be a CYBERSMILER FOREVER!

Jordan photo

I wanted to send a quick message to say that I am so thankful that Cybersmile has been created and this website exists. I wish I had access to this when I was dealing with being cyberbullied. This is an excellent site with tons of inspirational quotes and tons of support for people suffering with cyberbullying. Keep up the good work, I imagine you’ve saved many peoples lives, and after viewing your materials I feel much better about myself. Thank you so much Cybersmile, you are wonderful people.

Ruby photo

Cybersmile, if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have had the courage to see a counsellor about my depression, low confidence and low self-esteem. You have helped put this smile on my face. You are my heroes and I am happy to say that #IMACYBERSMILER. I really hope that others can get the help from you guys like I did because you are changing lives for the better.

Emma photo

The Cybersmile Foundation is an absolutely amazing charity! I have been bullied online before and it made me feel terrible. Unfortunately for me the foundation didn’t exist back when I was a being cyberbullied. Seeing that a charity now exists that can help makes me think how wonderful it is to be there for others who are going through the same thing. I know that if anybody is being bullied online and really struggling, they shouldn’t hesitate to contact Cybersmile.

Anna photo

Fat, ugly, worthless and she deserves to die. These are a few of the things that I’ve not only been told in my past online but I see them today especially on Facebook, Ask.FM and other social networking sites. Slowly I started to believe the cruel words and started to do things that I highly regret and live with today. Sadly I went in to an 8 month depression and lost hope in EVERYTHING. I felt so low and thought nobody could help or cared about me. But that quickly changed, one day I stumbled across Cybersmile. I decided to give them a shot and emailed them, instantly they replied and told me that they would help me through my rough patch. Almost immediately I felt something inside of me change, with Cybersmile’s help and support I gained hope and confidence, even though things are a little bit rough right now I know that Cybersmile will always be there. If you or somebody you know is being cyberbullied, don’t keep it in…talk to Cybersmile!

Silvia photo

I just wanted to say that The Cybersmile Foundation is the best charity with the best ways of bringing everybody together, this helps people who have/are being cyberbullied, self-harm, eating disorders….. When I started to feel sad, not happy with myself and was being bullied, this charity helped me, gave me advices and answered every single email I sent, they taught me to stay strong! THEY SAVED MY LIFE! Now i’m getting my life back on track and feeling better thanks to them : ) Thank you so much, I am a damn proud CYBERSMILER

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I’ve been bullied and it almost destroyed me. The Cybersmile Foundation on Twitter is an everyday joy for me. Not only through their positive, motivating quotes (which I couldn’t love more!), but also through making their followers say “Hey, I’m a cybersmiler! I can guide you through the darkness and back into the light”. It shows that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Help is everywhere and it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Who cares if it’s from the other side of the world if it helps? Also, it makes us help each other which is probably the most beautiful thing of all. We, the followers, become our own army. We help each other, make each other stronger and spread the word. It is said that alone is strong, that might be true. But together? Stronger. I fully support The Cybersmile Foundation in their mission and always will. If you are bullied online, please know that you are not alone. Help through Cybersmile is everywhere to be found (and it is worth finding!). Times will get better, I promise but don’t fight alone when you can have an army behind you. When you tire from being strong, we’ll be strong for you. I am a Cybersmiler. And a damn proud one. Have a great day!

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Ugly, worthless, anorexic…. Some of the words my family and closest friends use to describe me. Growing up, it never got this bad until the last few months, I started to believe what they were saying, I started to lose respect for myself and hate everything I represent and a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with depression. I started thinking about putting an end to this endless torture, not all the time but when things got bad it seemed the easiest way out. Then, in June I discovered Cybersmile, I liked all the accounts and daily I would stumble into something positive you post on Facebook or Twitter and it would brighten my day and put a smile on my face. So thank you so much for that, at times that was all I needed to wipe thoses tears and walk up straight again, you helped me get through some days, and taught me to always keep my head up and know whenever darkness takes over, sometime soon the sun will rise again. Society is messed up but you are stronger than you believe, always believe in yourself so people will always believe in you. BE A CYBERSMILER.

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It’s amazing once you get to know that you can get help from people all around the world that you don’t even know, they helped me SOOO much, that’s why I support Cybersmile in every possible way that I can. They have been amazing people to me and I haven’t even met them, I didn’t know that this kind of friendship exists in the world. The most amazing thing is that they are trying so hard to stop this monster called “cyberbullying” which is trying to kill and knock down most of the teens. Thank you Cybersmile for the help you have given me and everybody else you help so much. Thank you.

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Hi I’m Melissa I’m 19 and haven’t had the best life when it comes to bullying, I never was a confident person. I remember finally bringing myself to a happy place and posting a full body photo on Instagram, moments later my heart was filled with regret as I received so much abuse, it was hurtful cyberbullying. For years I never really found anything to help with the bullying, it became a natural thing to happen to me…until I found Cybersmile. Their support and positivity have made me realise that there is more to life than feeling low and lonely so thank you!

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The Cybersmile Foundation is such a wonderful organisation. It is not only a charity, but is also a community to those who have been/are affected by cyberbullying. It is a very positive community where the bullied people can be safe and have harmless and positive interaction with those in similar circumstances and those that care a great deal. In addition, the professional team at Cybersmile and the followers of the charity called “Cybersmilers” provide those who are bullied with much helpful advice and protection and is easily accessible to anyone. It’s a safe haven!

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I wanted to say how incredibly amazing Cybersmile are, they are 100% dedicated to what they do, especially when interacting with victims of cyberbullying through social media. They frequently post amazing advice, and have created a very large global network of Cybersmilers on twitter who are available for a chat with anybody who is being bullied or is lonely due to being excluded. Personally I’m very lucky and haven’t ever been the victim of online bullying myself but the problem is huge and increasing very quickly. I’m very happy knowing that if I or anyone I know ever went through such a thing, we could turn to this fantastic organisation for help.

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When I first found out about The Cybersmile Foundation, I was in a very dark place. I knew how it felt to be cyberbullied and feel like nobody would listen. The team at Cybersmile soon changed that. With the help of Cybersmile I learnt that I didn’t have to feel alone or lost for words, in fact, the Cybersmile team helped me find my words to help those around me in my community. The team involved with this incredible charity work so hard to support teenagers, young people and their parents, they do amazing work worldwide and because of that, nobody needs to feel alone anymore. Thank you Cybersmile, you guys have changed my life and so many others for the better.

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The Cybersmile Foundation shows the light as cyberbullying becomes out of control and most parents like myself, do not know where to turn. Cybersmile have provided me and my family with a great deal of support and resources to help us understand cyberbullying, how to cope with it and most importantly, how to stop it. Thank you Cybersmile!

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I think The Cybersmile Foundation is a brilliant cyberbullying organisation, they are doing a lot to help people with bullying online. I am so glad I found them because they play a really big role in helping lots of people around the world. They literally save lives! Amazing!

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As a school headmaster and Ambassador for CEOP, I am well aware of the potential for cyberbullying to take place both inside and outside of schools. The distress and long-term damage which may be caused from cyberbullying can significantly affect the lives of children and those around them, and as educators we need to do all we can to help.
The Cybersmile Foundation puts cyberbullying at the forefront of the education process, seeking to support and teach children in a positive way. I am very pleased to be able to recommend The Cybersmile Foundation for the excellent work taking place, and hope that as a result of their endeavours, many more children will be protected from the potential harm such unpleasant action may have on their childhood.

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The Cybersmile Foundation do loads of different work to help the victims of cyberbullying. One example of something they offer is a helpline. This personally helped my friend who was getting bullied online and they really helped her deal with it, so I truly recommend the helpline to anyone affected!They are always there to help you and will keep the phone call in total confidence. Moreover, they have an amazing website with lots of different subsections available, depending on what you are looking for.I often go on their website to see if they’re planning any new events that I can help out with.They offer advice and guidance to the children getting bullied online as well on the helpline but most importantly they are there for the parents. They have different sections for parents which I think is so beneficial as they can see how to deal with it and to spot if their child is getting bullied.I really feel that with the right help and support, The Cybersmile Foundation can become one of the UK’s leading charity’s and can really benefit children and families affected by cyberbullying!

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When I was in 7th grade of school I started to be bullied, some guys started to say things like “your hair is ugly”, “you’re ugly”, “no one is going to want to date u,” and it affected me so damn much, I was such a kid but I already hadn’t the confidence anymore… and then it keep happening and happening and happening until my last year of the high school, I was depressed, taking medication, l didn’t even want to go to my prom. I suffered for all of these years and then I found the Cybersmile Foundation, through my idol Normani, she was passing through the same thing as me, and she chose to fight against it! She became an ambassador of the Cybersmile Foundation, her words of wisdom inspired me to know more about you guys!!! I started to read other people’s testimonials, histories of people which have turned these obstacles into good things & I realized that I could do this too! Since this day everything is getting a little better, day after day… I have been approved in not only one but in two universities, I started college, my confidence is coming back to me, I discovered that I’m sooooooo beautiful, I’m worth it, I have a smile too beautiful to be covered. I can’t say that I’m 100% confident and happy about myself but I’m glad that my relationship with myself is getting better everyday! I’m winning this battle, and it is thanks to y’all! I’m really grateful for having met the Cybersmile Foundation.