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Norton By Symantec Survey In India Reveals 8 Out Of 10 Internet Users Experience Online Abuse

The study into cyberbullying and online abuse in India has highlighted some very worrying problems, including a high proportion of people with mental health issues being targeted. if you are affected by online abuse, please follow the links within this article to our support facilities.

A recent survey carried out in India has revealed shocking figures that demonstrate alarmingly high levels of online abuse. The survey, carried out by global cyber security company Norton by Symantec, surveyed over 1000 internet users across India in an effort to understand the levels of exposure to online abuse and harassment ranging from unwanted arguments, insults and cyberbullying, to threats of violence, sexual blackmail and cyber-stalking.

Data from the survey show that people under the age of 40 are experiencing the highest levels of abuse, with 65% reporting incidents of online abuse and harassment. Worryingly, 87% of people with mental health issues and 77% with body image or weight issues had experienced some kind of abuse or harassment.

“It is worrying that for over 40 per cent of incidences of cyberbullying and nearly half of all cases of cyberstalking people said that the perpetrator was a stranger. Indeed, many said that they had no idea of the true identity of the person who was bullying them. With India’s growing population spending more time on social media platforms and mobile applications, it is important that online users take basic precautions to protect their safety and security to avoid unwanted contact.”

Ritesh Chopra, Country Manager at Norton by Symantec

The real world impact of digital abuse was also looked at in the study and found that 28% had experienced difficulties at work or studies, 27% experienced an impact on relationships with friends, 26% experienced depression or emotional stress and 24% reported losing friends as a result of being targeted online.

“The impact of digital abuse can be devastating. This survey brings to light the reality of how it can affect someone’s life outside of the digital space and how prevalent the problem is. It’s important we work together on a global level to tackle this global problem.”

Dan Raisbeck, Co Founder, The Cybersmile Foundation

The findings have prompted calls for more action from service providers and social media platforms to be clearer in defining what is acceptable conduct – and to be firmer in their response to users who choose to breach conduct guidelines.

If you are affected by online abuse we can help. Use our Cyberbullying and Online Abuse Help Center or visit our Total Access Support section to find out more about the various ways we can help you with your particular problem. For further information about Cybersmile and our work, please explore the following options.

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