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Normani Kordei Wins Cybersmiler Of The Month For September

Since being announced as Official Diversity Ambassador, Normani has been particularly active in furthering the Cybersmile message of a truly diverse and inclusive internet for everybody – free from threat and prejudice.

Following on from last months winner Gwen Stefani, we have none other than our new uber Ambassador Normani Kordei winning the coveted crown of social impact – the Cybersmiler of the Month Award!

In the short time Normani has been in the role, we have seen our #ImACybersmiler movement trending twice on Twitter, offering hope and support to millions of people around the world while being absolutely inundated with life changing stories of new found hope and happiness – and it hasn’t even been a month yet!

“I felt it was my duty to come back and speak on my experience and also help others being abused online.”

Normani Kordei, Cybersmiler of the Month

Normani has used her past experiences in dealing with online bullying and abuse to help people all over the world by not only joining forces with Cybersmile in name and tweeting incredibly inspiring messages but also by being hands on behind the scenes – contributing lots of energy and new ideas to facilitate real change! We love seeing confidence being bestowed into our Cybersmilers around the world – The power of positivity has once again prevailed!

We understand that we are probably going to be a little bias, but with Cybersmile’s truly inclusive nature it felt only right to award Normani with what she deserves whether she is a Cybersmile Ambassador or not, right?

You can explore the Cybersmiler of the Month Award winners Hall of Fame to see a full list of previous recipients and learn more about becoming a brand sponsor of the award here.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for more inspiring behaviour online during October, being sure to let us know if anybody is changing lives out there (You can email us – [email protected]). If you are affected by any form of negativity online, you can visit our cyberbullying and digital abuse help center or alternatively our total access support services to see the various ways that we can help you. For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the recommendations below.

What do you think about Normani winning the award for September? Tweet us @CybersmileHQ!