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Meghan Trainor talks cyberbullying and positivity!

Pop sensation Meghan Trainor has been inspiring women and girls everywhere since rocketing to fame after hit single All About That Bass topped the charts earlier this year.


We love your confidence-boosting tunes – how would you describe your musical style?

My style is definitely sassy and empowering, at least that’s what I aim for. Musically it’s my favorite genres put together and its concepts I struggled with in high school and while growing up.

Do you like being in the public eye and how do you deal with being talked about in the press?

It’s a little scary knowing I won’t have as much privacy as I use to but my family helps me deal with the craziness and I don’t read a lot of comments. The haters scream the loudest so I tried to focus on making music and my art instead of them.

Have you had experiences with cyberbullying?

Yes in middle school and high school. It was really hard. I grew up with myspace and Facebook and everything was online. One time a girl posted a really bad picture of me purposely to hurt my feelings. My mom helped me get through it and eventually they took it down (We have a specific help centre for cyberbullying on social media).

What do you do to stay safe online?

You just have to remember that once something is out online it’s out, so your best bet if you’re unsure about something is just not to put it up in the first place. Even if you pull a photo or a tweet down, it can live online after (Check out our Tech Safety section to make sure you can make yourself as safe as possible).

What advice would you give to anyone experiencing problems online?

Take a break from the Internet and hang out with your family! Realize what’s important and surround yourself with supportive people (You can also check out our Total Access Support facilities!).

What are your plans for the future?

World domination ;) haha but no, I’m going on tour starting February 11th so that’s really exciting! And my album comes out January 13th.

What is your favourite positive quote?

“Just relax and enjoy it all” – Meryl Streep

You can get an extra insight into what makes Meghan tick by checking out her #POSITIVEPLAYLIST which she created exclusively for us! For further information about our work please explore the following suggestions.

We hope you are buzzing from Meghans positive vibes! Her new album Title is available for pre-order now and is out on January 13th 2015!