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Cybersmile and TEDxYouth Come To Pittsburgh

Young entrepreneurs gathered in Pittsburgh to share solutions to some of the world's biggest problems, while sharing their ideas and vision of the future.

Cybersmile were proud to be involved in a TEDxYouth event in Pittsburgh last month, welcoming a host of young thought leaders and entrepreneurs who shared their inspiring ideas and solutions for the world’s problems.

A selection of speakers came together to shine a light on various topics, ranging from inclusive global education and diversity, right through to being different and living life without limits. Each guest introduced their favored topic to facilitate a discussion about important issues that are affecting today’s youth – while sharing thoughts on possible solutions. The purpose of the event was to ignite debate about the world that we are creating – enabling today’s youth and adults to have a collective platform to present big ideas.

“I am very grateful to The Cybersmile Foundation, the TEDxYouth@BlueSlidePark messages of social courage, inclusion, and self advocacy amplify the message The Cybersmile Foundation is sending to the world.”

Nadav Gilboa, Creator, Lead Organizer

Entrepreneurs who attended the event included Kahlil Darded from 1Hood Media, Lyla Black, Founder of Lyla Tov Monsters and Leah Baker Fowler, Founder of Cupcakes Most Wanted.

The TEDx event was organized by 8th Grade student Nadav, with additional guidance from Cybersmile Advisory Panel member, Deborah Gilboa, MD. Guest speakers included Jai Kanodia, Peyton Klien, Kate Singer, Cindy Pierce and Teresa Leatherow. A pep talk video was also presented from YouTube personality “Kid President”.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be involved with the TEDxYouth Blue Slide Park event in Pittsburgh. We recognize that youth are the future and in today’s fast moving world we need to listen more to young people to find new solutions to new problems.”

Iain Alexander, Head of Engagement, The Cybersmile Foundation

We want to say a huge thank you to everybody involved in the TEDxYouth event for making it such a success, and to all the entrepreneurs for sharing their vision of the future! For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore there following suggestions.

What are your thoughts on the event? Tweet us @CybersmileHQ.