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Win A Cybersmile #POSITIVITY T-Shirt Signed By Ambassador Lauren Orlando

To win this Cybersmile #POSITIVITY t-shirt signed by our Official Ambassador Lauren Orlando, just follow @CybersmileHQ on Twitter and RT the winning tweet scheduled for some time today!

You may remember last year, international star Johnny Orlando and younger sister Lauren Orlando joined Cybersmile as Official Ambassadors. To help our mission for a kinder internet, Lauren has provided us with an amazing competition prize to offer you guys! The prize is an official Cybersmile #POSITIVITY t-shirt signed by none other than Lauren herself! We are super excited to launch this giveaway and spread a little positivity to those in need of a boost!

How to enter

Keeping in line with our time-honored tradition of total inclusion, we believe everyone should be in with a fair chance of winning this signed t-shirt with no difficult questions or rocket science involved! All you need to do is follow the main Cybersmile twitter account (@CybersmileHQ) and retweet the giveaway tweet which will be going out at some point today (Thursday March 8th). Remember to keep an eye on our feed just in case you miss it! You can enter the competition right up until the lucky winner is announced.

It really is that easy! A lucky winner will be selected at random on Thursday March 15th and they will receive the exclusively signed t-shirt straight to their door! So, what are you waiting for? Give us a follow @CybersmileHQ and RT the winning tweet today!

If you’re not the lucky winner this time, don’t let it get you too down because we have lots of awesome giveaways and competitions planned for the near future – just keep a close eye on our feed and hopefully you will be lucky next time! You can also buy our official Cybersmile merchandise in our online store which coincidentally has a 50% sale on right now!


Thank you to Lauren!

We would love to say a massive thank you to our amazing Ambassador Lauren for making this giveaway possible!

As you are most likely aware, Cybersmile’s expertise lies mainly around the subject of cyberbullying and online abuse, so if you are affected in any way, please visit our Help Center where you can find further information and support. For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please check out the suggestions below. Good luck everyone!

We are buzzing about this giveaway, tweet us your thoughts @CybersmileHQ.