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2015 Cybersmile #ExtraSmile Awards Winners Announced


Firstly, thank you all SO much for supporting these awards by nominating and voting for the people that have enriched your digital lives throughout 2015, without you these awards wouldn’t have been possible. Separating the winners from the shortlist has proved extremely difficult, with so many inspiring people/companies deserving to win the awards! Some of the deciding factors (but not all) that the judges needed to consider when deciding on the winners were effort, social impact, originality, nominations and many more!


As you are probably aware there are two #ExtraSmile Awards up for grabs, one for a company/celebrity and a second for a person/s who have really made a difference. Before we start announcing winners we want to say another HUGE thank you to all the individuals, celebs and companies that made the awards a success – THANK YOU : )


Here we go then! We are delighted to announce that the winners of the 2015 Cybersmile #ExtraSmile Awards are….

  • Tom Hanks – We all love it when we see a celeb do something which reminds us that not only are they human but that they actually still care about us mere mortals on a personal level! Well, a few months back Tom was having a stroll and stumbled across a girls ID which she had lost. Amazingly, Tom picked up the lost ID and started a Twitter campaign to reunite the girl with her important ID. This not only shows the amazing power of the internet and social media when it is used for positive purpose, but also demonstrates that Tom DEFINITELY went the #ExtraSmile in 2015!


  • @OneDirectionNDA – Throughout 2015 we have been hearing about fandoms bullying each other (and other people) online, the problem was becoming so bad that it was making international news and even had artists asking their own fans to stop. Well, @OneDirectionNDA was setup to make a stand and pledge ‘One Direction fans stand against bullying’ and have amassed a HUGE following of over 77,000 like minded 1D fans on Twitter! This shows that not all fandoms are bad news and most importantly demonstrates two things which have won them this award, firstly they have ficilitated positive social change online and secondly they have gone that #ExtraSmile in the last year!


So these two will be receiving a parcel of #POSITIVITY through the mail and also can now officially describe themselves as people that go the #ExtraSmile for others! Well done guys, you throughly deserve it. For further information about Cybersmile and our work, explore the following suggestions.

What do you think about what Tom and @OneDirectionNDA have done this last year? Tell us @CybersmileHQ