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Cybersmile Accepting Nominations For Their End Of Year #ExtraSmile Awards

Nomination Deadline Monday 14th December

You know that feeling when you see something on social media that really warms your heart?¬†Well, we have decided to reward those kind people for their amazing use of technology – or going the #ExtraSmile for others! We are delighted to announce that we will be awarding two social media users with the ‘Cybersmile #ExtraSmile Award’ in recognition of them going that little bit further to improve the lives of others (while using technology!). There will be two awards, one of which will be awarded to a celebrity or company that has really taken their position of influence seriously and changed the life/lives of others through social media or technology. The second award will be awarded to a ‘non celebrity/non commercial’ social media user, basically an everyday internet user who has gone out of their way to enrich the lives of others through technology or the use of social media.

*How To Nominate*

All you need to do is get word to us at Cybersmile HQ of the people that YOU think deserve the award – for going that #ExtraSmile during the last year by enriching the lives of others. You can email us ([email protected]) or use our contact form to get your nominations in. Alternatively you can share your nominations publicly by tweeting them to us @CybersmileHQ or over on Facebook. Its worth noting that you can nominate more than one person/company for the awards (in case your conscience starts calling) and also that you can nominate for BOTH awards as you see fit. Nominations need to reach us by Monday 14th December with the the two award shortlists being announced on Tuesday 15th December. The winners of the 2015 Cybersmile #ExtraSmile Awards will be announced on Monday 21st December. For further information about our work please explore the following suggestions.