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Catching Up With Matt Chambers From Madison Solutions To Discuss The Challenges Of Developing Our New Cybersmile Assistant


Cybersmile Assistant is our new AI smart assistant that helps Internet users in need around the clock - all over the world. Learn more about the assistant by following the links in the article below, or better still click on the blue logo icon in the bottom right of the screen and start using Cybersmile Assistant right away!

Matt, as the owner of Madison Solutions, the company that developed Cybersmile’s AI support assistant as part of their partnership with Rimmel London, can you tell us a bit more about your company?

We’re a multidisciplinary digital agency based in Sussex, UK. Our team includes design, branding, illustration, web development and marketing talent.
Our clients range from local SMEs to globally recognised brands – and we’ve quietly built up a reputation with some of the U.K’s most innovative creative agencies as the ‘go-to’ development house for white-labelled projects.

We invest heavily in staff training, to ensure we create and retain our talent. Our established team of developers and designers is complemented by promising young trainees, often recruited from people disenfranchised by disabilities.

How did it feel to be contacted by Cybersmile and Rimmel to build the new AI support assistant?

It felt very rewarding, but it was also the natural culmination of a partnership we had been nurturing for five years. It was fantastic to have our relationship affirmed in such a prestigious project.

We’ve been developing cutting-edge technologies for both public and private sectors for many years now, and although we’re passionate about all of our work, it really does add an extra focus when the project promises to offer a very real benefit to the lives of so many people.

Why were you chosen to develop this project?

Well, for a start we have a strong relationship with Cybersmile. They value our ability to translate their ideas into something tangiable – to creatively bring their vision to life. At the heart of this digital project was the need for a tech team that could understand how people communicate. And that’s exactly what we are.

How did your team respond to working on something so high-profile?

It’s exciting to work on such a unique and challenging project – in fact we love challenging projects! For this project we focussed on finding solutions for the end users. Delivering products that offer a flawless user experience is always our primary objective.

What was the major challenge in developing Cybersmile Assistant?

Our major challenge here was to create AI software that could understand conversational queries. If you like, tech that thought like a human.
We needed our voice recognition to quickly and accurately identify the core topic of a user’s query, while allowing them to speak exactly as they do in their day to day life.

We worked with the Cybersmile team to train our AI to understand the wide range of ways that people will describe their problems when reaching out for support. We are very proud of the way our tech correctly identifies the various problems that the users can need help and direction with.

Have you learned anything from this project?

We’ve learnt about the positive social impact our work can have. It can literally change lives.
And we’ve had confirmed the critical importance of meeting the needs of the end user. The centrality of safeguarding and accessibility to this project served as a reminder to us that every project should be approached with all users’ accessibility front of mind.

How important do you think AI support solutions will be for organisations in the future?

It’s going to be vital. Technology has already reached the level where it’s possible to resolve most customer support issues automatically – and to do this to a very high standard. With AI as the frontline of support, staff are freed from monotonous day-to-day enquiries and can focus on deeper more complex needs.
It is this, rather than the financial incentive for organisations, that will see AI improving the customer experience and the quality of the roles that support staff engage in.

What does the future hold for Madison Solutions?

We will continue to work across all sectors – innovating and challenging traditional boundaries so that us and our clients are getting the most out of technology.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Madison Solutions for doing such an amazing job with the development of Cybersmile Assistant. For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the suggestions below. Click here to learn more about Madison Solutions.

What are your thoughts about our new Cybersmile Assistant? Let us know by contacting us or tweet us @CybersmileHQ.