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Programs: Age 16+

What Is Cyberbullying? 16+

Age 16+: The first exercise introduces a general overview of what cyberbullying is.

Who Is Involved? 16+

Age 16+: This exercise raises awareness of all the people affected by a cyberbullying situation.

Forms of Cyberbullying 16+

Age 16+: This exercise aims to make people realise how many different mediums cyberbullies can use to bully their victims.

Cyberbullying Statistics 16+

Age 16+: This exercise shows eye-opening statistics related to cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying Vocabulary 16+

Age 16+: An exercise to help make learners aware of some key vocabulary associated with cyberbullying.

A Comparison Between Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying 16+

Age 16+: An exercise explaining the ways in which cyberbullying is both similar and different to traditional bullying.

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