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Stephen Ellis aka ‘Snoopeh’ Becomes Official Cybersmile Ambassador

Stephen recently participated in the charity League of Legends match at IEM San Jose in aid of Cybersmile. The match raised $38,000 and viewer numbers of the event doubled year on year.

We are excited to announce gaming legend Stephen Ellis aka ‘Snoopeh’ as the newest official Cybersmile Ambassador to join the team. Stephen will help raise awareness of abuse in gaming, while working with us to find solutions to the growing problem.

Stephen joins Cybersmile Ambassador Stephanie Harvey in spearheading our gaming and esports related work, ensuring competitiveness within gaming continues to grow while victims of threatening behaviour and harassment know where to find professional help and support wherever they are in the world.

“It’s great to see online harassment getting more attention at CES2016. Ever since the exhibition match at IEM San Jose last year, I was keen to help Cybersmile more and am glad to announce that I’ll be an official Ambassador in their efforts to combat online harassment.”

Stephen Ellis, Official Cybersmile Ambassador

Stephen’s knowledge and understanding of gaming and esports are going to be invaluable to Cybersmile in ensuring we are addressing the problem of abuse within the gaming space in the most appropriate way. We will be looking to enhance the gaming experience by not only supporting vulnerable players, but also by educating and preparing new gamers for the thrills and spills of online gaming…warts and all!

“While it is true that part of the charm of online gaming can come from camping or taunting others for example, It’s important to draw a clear line between an important aspect of gaming which can require a thick skin, and that of harassment or cyberbullying. I’m happy to be a part of this organization and am looking forward to doing more with the team at Cybersmile.”

Stephen Ellis, Official Cybersmile Ambassador

 With the Cybersmile team growing by the day and technology being the most exciting it has ever been, you can be sure of some huge announcements out of Cybersmile HQ in 2016! If you are affected by abuse or harassment in gaming please explore our Gaming Support Centre or Total Access Support Services. For more information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please see the following suggestions.

What do you think about Stephen joining the team? Tweet us @CybersmileHQ!