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Please explore our comprehensive library of educational programs including digital downloads, expert videos, podcasts and much more below. You can download programs directly from our site, print them for use in classrooms and even stream videos from our expert advisors to your students to support a workshop or talk.

Programs: Age 5-8
Programs: Age 8-11
Programs: Age 11-14
Programs: Age 14-16
Programs: Age 16+
Audio (coming soon)

Where do I find new resources?

During the year we update our resources sections with new programs and expert audio/video downloads exclusively available to School Partners. You will be notified of these updates in our Partner Newsletter that you are automatically subscribed to however we recommend you checking in regularly to find new materials as we will not announce each individual newly available resource. (You can unsubscribe at any point should you choose not to receive these updates by hitting ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the newsletter).

How long will the login be valid for?

365 days starting from when you receive your login details from us. If you choose to renew your partnership with Cybersmile for the following year, you can simply launch a new fundraiser or provide a one-time donation of $249 for the next 12 months of access.

I have some feedback/suggestions

If you would like to give us feedback please feel free to contact the advisor who set up your account directly. We appreciate your support and with your suggestions, we will be able to improve our product experience over the course of the year.

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