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By fundraising for The Cybersmile Foundation you will enable us to continue to help many thousands of people affected by cyberbullying and online hate campaigns recover from their ordeals and start regaining control of their lives. It doesn’t matter how big or small your fundraising event is, it will make a huge difference to peoples lives. Explore the testimonials from victims of cyberbullying and online abuse that we have helped to see how your hard work actually changes and saves lives. You can download our most recent fundraising pack below or scroll down for a few ideas to get you started. Good luck and thank you in advance!


Got a great idea for a fundraising event? Get started! There is lots of advice and information in our Fundraising and Supporters Pack! The easiest way to collect donations or sponsorship money is to set up a JustGiving page- this means that donated money goes straight to us with no more work for you- people can donate from anywhere in the world and for donations from UK taxpayers, we can claim Gift Aid!


If you’d like to support Cybersmile, you may consider sponsoring someone who has already set up an event or made a pledge to us! You can find details of current fundraising events on our Just Giving page where you can donate/pledge support wherever you are in the world.


Could you spare a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday to help change the lives of people who have been affected by cyberbullying? If so, would you consider collecting donations at your local supermarket on behalf of The Cybersmile Foundation? If this interests you, please contact us and we will liaise with your local store to arrange a convenient date for you to collect.


Do you or somebody you know own or work in a store that would consider stocking official Cybersmile merchandise? We have a whole range of products available – see the current collection in our Online Store – or get in touch for more information!


You can help to fundraise for Cybersmile by promoting our JustTextGiving code, CYBR01! This donation method can be used by anyone who uses a UK mobile phone operator. It costs nothing to send the text itself and if you’re a UK taxpayer you can also add Gift Aid, so Cybersmile gets 25% extra on your donation!



If you would like more information about fundraising for Cybersmile, or have a fundraising idea of your own, please send an email with your contact details to fundraising@cybersmile.org and somebody from our fundraising department will be in touch.


Helping to make a difference is not all about just money, its about people; people who care. If you would like to support us but are not in a position to do so financially, here are some ways you can help us.


Become a Cybersmile Activist and connect with a whole network of amazing people around the world! Your activism will not only help the internet become a kinder, brighter place – you will also enjoy benefits including – exclusive giveaways, celebrity meet ups, increased social media followers and much more! Everybody is welcome wherever you are in the world and most importantly IT IS FREE! There are no age requirements – just a real desire for an inclusive internet without personal threats and abuse. What are you waiting for? Download the Cybersmile Activist Kit and join us right away!


Talk to your friends and family, or your colleagues at work about our organisation and give them a link to our site. Talk to your boss or human resources department, remember cyberbullying could be affecting people close to you who may need us.


If you use social media, blogs, forums or even have an email account, you can help. Why not post a message about us with a link to our site or one of our videos? You may be helping someone who needs help or inspiring someone to help us.


We have lots of different resources you can use for free in our “Downloadable Resources” section. You could print out some of our posters or leaflets and distribute them locally.


Your story, advice and experience could help others to understand more about cyberbullying and inspire them to get involved. All you need to do is write the post as short or long as you like and email it to info@cybersmile.org adding ‘Blog Post’ to the subject area.


Has Cybersmile helped you or somebody you know? Maybe you think that something we have done is really fantastic? If you feel strongly about our work and would like to help us continue to help others then consider writing a testimonial for our website.

All you need to do is write approximately 100-200 words about the really fantastic work we do and email it, along with a photo to info@cybersmile.org.


If you have a Twitter account then maybe you could support our organisation by becoming a #cybersmiler? All you need to do is follow @CybersmileHQ and tweet #imacybersmiler tagging us in to the tweet. By doing this you are letting everybody know that you are available to help anybody who is suffering bullying online and has nobody to turn to. There are #cybersmilers from all around the world helping people 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

If you need help online you just need to search #imacybersmiler on Twitter and make contact with any of the volunteers available from around the world!