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Cybersmile Launch Body Beautiful Campaign on World Mental Health Day 2023

Activities for this year’s event will include the publication of a brand new research report and the launch of a new interactive Body Image education resource. If you are affected by anything touched on within this article, follow the links to our various support services or click on the blue logo icon at the bottom right of the screen to start using Cybersmile Assistant, our smart AI support assistant.

In honor of World Mental Health Day 2023, we have announced the launch of “Body Beautiful” – a research-led awareness campaign coinciding with World Mental Health Day to raise awareness of the potential impact that social media use can have on people’s self-image and mental health.

The multi-channel campaign will bring together a number of leading content creators and resident Cybersmile experts to drive home key messages related to self-care and digital wellbeing.

“The impact of social media on users’ relationships with food, exercise and their own body image is profound. Imagine a friend who, every time you spent time with them, made you feel ashamed, caused you to think less of yourself and even drove you to contemplate body- and life-changing surgery? Our focus as a society needs to be on how we can harness the amazing connectedness and positivity of social media and eliminate the damage it is currently doing to young peoples’ minds and bodies.”

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, Cybersmile Advisory Panel

Activities for this year’s event will include the publication of a brand new research report and the launch of a new interactive Body Image education resource designed to help social media users become aware of the risks associated with social media use and to help them maintain a healthy self-image amidst a culture of unrealistic beauty standards.

“In a world full of seemingly perfect images, it’s easy to feel the pressure. Yet, Cybersmile’s research findings firmly remind us to embrace our unique beauty and extend kindness to ourselves. Together, we’re on a mission to redefine beauty on our own terms, illuminating the fact that it radiates most brilliantly when we embody our true selves. And remember, accepting who we are is crucial, because there will never be another you. That’s your superpower, and that’s what makes you truly special.”

Melisa Raouf, Miss England Bareface Winner ‘22

Body Beautiful Campaign Activities

Featured Body Beautiful activities include:

Body Beautiful 2023 Report

Cybersmile have published Body Beautiful 2023: A national report exploring the impact of social media on the body image of its users across the UK. The 2000 participant report exposes the true impact that social media is having on people’s self-image and mental health. The report identifies eye-opening trends around topics such as self-image, insecurities, mental health, cosmetic surgery, eating habits, exercise, social comparisons and much more.

You can explore the full report here.

Launch of new Body Image Education Resource

Cybersmile have launched a brand new educational Body Image experience designed to educate internet users about the impact social media and online life can have on their self-image and mental health.

The development of the resource was carried out using the findings from a number of recent Cybersmile studies across the US and UK such as the Comparison Culture, Digital Wellbeing and Body Beautiful reports.

Participants who pass the module will receive a certificate that they can share on social media to inspire others into participating.

You can access the resource here.

Content Creator & Expert Contributions

The Body Beautiful campaign also features a series of posts from the Cybersmile community of supporters and influencers including Melisa Raouf, Iskra Lawrence, Emma Lock and Cybersmile advisory panel member Dr. Deborah Gilboa – all sharing important messages around mental health, wellbeing and self-acceptance.