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Brita And Cybersmile Team Up For The Filtered Life


We think that Cybersmile, Brita and NBA superstar Steph Curry make an amazing team together - we can't wait to help everyone start seeing the benefits of a positive life both on and offline!

We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership between Brita and The Cybersmile Foundation.

Brita, makers of the famous Brita Water Filters, have teamed up with us for an awareness campaign that shows us how we can filter out the negativity online and focus on the good things that we all love! The Filtered Life campaign is all about making positive choices in real life and online. By filtering out the bad stuff, we leave ourselves with a positive environment where we can have peace of mind.

“Life is all about the choices we make. Choosing to filter out the negativity in your life is a great way to live positively, in the world around you and also online. The more positive choices we make and the more people become aware of how these choices can affect others, the brighter our lives will be on and offline for everyone.” 

Dan Raisbeck, Co-Founder, The Cybersmile Foundation

As you may or may not be aware, Cybersmile has been promoting positivity and the science of happiness since 2010. This latest partnership is a great way for us to work with a tremendous organization that feels the same way about living a positive life. Together we can create a more diverse, inclusive and caring online community for all.

“Brita is committed to helping people live The Filtered Life, reminding them to filter out the bad so they can get to the good – in water and in life – particularly important on social media. We couldn’t have found a better partner for this important mission than The Cybersmile Foundation. Their dedication to tackling all forms of digital abuse and bullying online, while promoting diversity and inclusion by building a safer, more positive digital community aligns perfectly with Brita’s goals. Through our work with The Cybersmile Foundation, we hope to make the digital world a safer space for all to enjoy, so we can filter out the hate and enjoy the great things about the internet!”

Tad Kittredge, Director of Marketing, Brita

As part of The Filtered Life campaign, the team at Brita have come up with a fun new ‘Filter Your Feed’ tool that searches for potentially negative or hurtful words on your Twitter feed and then gives you fun options to replace those negative words with something positive. This is a great way to filter out any negatives and replace them with fun positives, helping to make the Internet a better place for everyone. Not only that, Brita is donating $1 to Cybersmile for every negative post you delete or positive post with #FilterYourFeed, (up to $20,000) you share! (for further information about how to get involved you can visit the Brita website).
Activities kick off on April 6th with the Filter Your Feed campaign, alongside NBA superstar Steph Curry who is an official supporter of the campaign.

Finally, we would like to say a big thank you to the team at Brita who have donated $80,000 to The Cybersmile Foundation. If you would like to know more about the campaign and see how people have empowered themselves to greatness through filtering out the bad, visit the Brita website.

If you are affected by any type of online negativity and need support, we can help! First, visit our cyberbullying and digital abuse help center where you’ll find lots of information and links to useful resources, you can also use our total access support services to see the various ways we can help you. For further information about Cybersmile and our work, please explore the recommendations below.

What are your thoughts about our partnership? Tweet us @CybersmileHQ.