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Why young people need the Cybersmile Support Community post-Beatbullying

Nikki Bailey is a long time fundraiser and supporter of anti-bullying causes. After working as a Beatbullying mentor, she’s been telling us from personal experience how our new Support Community will be helpful for young victims of cyberbullying…

The Cybersmile Support Community is a massive step forward for children who are suffering at the hands of bullies online or via their mobile. This is what has been missing since the devastating demise of Beatbullying. I am so happy this is happening. When Beatbullying sadly terminated, very suddenly, it left many children confused, lost and shocked: what had happened, why it happened? What now? For the many many children who relied on the Beatbullying chat site, and many adults too, there were no answers.

As a dedicated fundraiser, for more than five years I helped to promote awareness and resources on social media, as well as providing PR support to the organisation. I progressed onto being a Beatbullying Life Mentor. Understanding the effects of bullying means understanding how it can affect a person not only as a child or a young adult, but how the pain and burden can stay with us into adulthood and dominate the way we think and behave.

Feeling isolated, a lack of self belief or self worth, fear and a sense of being overwhelmed are feelings often expressed by young people being bullied. Children need a place to share their stories, to feel like they can chat about their favourite sport, TV show, video game or maybe to open up about what happened that day. This may well have been upsetting; name calling, a prod in the back or a negative message sent to their phone can lead a child to withdraw and isolate themselves.

The Cybersmile Foundation are launching a new, exciting, life-saving chat room for children to enjoy, where they can feel safe and can talk with other users in a fun, live environment. The site has moderators and advisors who make the Support Community a safe place to go as well as offering one-to-one support through Cybersmile’s existing support services.

Allowing children and young adults to chat together about school, hobbies, or problems will give a lifeline to lots of desperate young people, where their coping mechanisms had been taken away. This will no doubt give back confidence and an opportunity for children and young adults to be a part of a great new family; a family that will advise and encourage life skills to teach children how to cope with bullying, where to gain support… and how to have fun.

Nikki is a member of our brand new Cyberbullying Support Community! Check out her profile.

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