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BeatBullying Services Down

Updated: 20/10/2014

BeatBullying are reportedly to go into administration due to “significant financial difficulties,” according to a statement made by their trustees. There is as of yet no word on if or when any of their services will resume. Anyone in need of support in their absence is encouraged to get in contact with us – please see the link below for details!

With the overnight news that BeatBullying services have disappeared from the net, we want to reassure you lovely people that support is still available for you! If you’re a victim, a teacher, a parent, a friend and you need help with a bullying issue, cyber or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

BeatBullying services are down and unscheduled to resume – for details of all the ways that you can contact us instead please click here! Might be phone, might be email, might be Facebook… or Twitter… or Tumblr for that matter. God we love the internet.