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World Trend Confirmed

LATEST UPDATE – A world trend has now been confirmed for our 1st International Stop Cyberbullying Day.

The first images that we had coming in were from all corners of the world but we didn’t have the definitive ‘World Trend’ screenshot to show that our day was in the top 10 subjects on Twitter globally.

For everybody at The Cybersmile Foundation this confirmation is success beyond our wildest dreams and leaves us incredibly confident about the future.

The Founder of Cybersmile Scott Freeman added this statement “There are some people that probably thought that we didn’t stand a chance of achieving this world trend on our very first Stop Cyberbullying Day, this has shown everybody the power of social media when it is used for positive force and that we can have a real impact all around the world with our drive and determination, and with that drive and determination we will continue to achieve great things. Thank you to everybody who supports Cybersmile and lets keep moving forward.”

We are at such an exciting stage as a charity and ask everybody to continue to help us build our public profile, keep supporting us online and lastly and most importantly… be nice to each other online!

As always with Cybersmile, be prepared for some super exciting news very soon!