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Diversity high on the agenda at Gamesbeat 2015 in San Francisco

VentureBeat have revealed new details about their event GamesBeat 2015 and it sounds like exciting times for the gaming community with a push for diversity in the program.

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Just some of the women speaking at GamesBeat 2015. From left: Jessica Rovello, CEO of Arkadium; Kate Edwards, Executive Director of IGDA; Emily Greer, CEO of Kongregate.

The program of speakers features a great cast of women from across the gaming industry and we think it’s great to see the community making a marked effort to improve the shortfall in diversity that has been too common in the past.

Along with the selection of talks on the schedule, GamesBeat will include discussion sessions including “Diversity in people, perspectives and products”, which will feature panelists including Katie Jo Meyer (Microsoft), Megan Gaiser (Contagious Creativity) and Asra Rasheed (Disney).

“We’re happy to say that we’ll have more women speakers than ever before at GamesBeat 2015, and the topic of diversity will come up often. We consider these 17 all-star women to be one of the attractions that will make our conference unique and a must-attend event for industry leaders.”


The event takes place in San Francisco this October, but if you can’t attend you can still get involved with some of the inspirational female speakers by watching online-only talks, such as by market analyst Wanda Meloni.

In a program of up to 105 speakers, these 17 women are paving the way; we hope to see increasingly diverse events over the coming years – this is a step in the right direction!

Will you be attending GamesBeat 2015, or watching online? What do you think of the women speakers featured this year? Tweet us @CybersmileHQ and join the conversation.

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