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Forum Tutorial

Welcome to our community!

There are four main options that you’ll see at the top of all of our support community pages. On larger screens, you’ll see these displayed just below the blue menu bar, but for smaller screens you’ve got your own (extra special) set of buttons so you don’t feel too squashed – we’re nice like that.

Once you feel ready to start using our community you can go back to community home and start contributing!

Community Home

Got a bit lost? No worries! Wherever you’ve wandered off to, just click here to get back to the support community home page and explore the various threads. Scroll down to start viewing the list of active conversations.

Create a new topic

If you’ve got an important question and you’ve searched our support topics and nobody has asked it yet, click here to start a new thread.

My Profile

Make the Cybersmile Support Community your own. Change your profile picture, bio and other details to let your individuality shine! Remember: never share personal information such as your address, phone number or email address in your public profile.

Log In/Log Out

This one’s pretty self explanatory. Not logged in and want to contribute? Come on in. Done for the day? See ya later!