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You CAN beat cyberbullying

Cyberbullying has been a huge issue for todays generation. Many kids get more and more bullied on the internet, social media and then in person. People will say anything that they want behind a computer screen or behind a phone, but they would NEVER say half the things they say to you online to your face. I have been bullied online before, I mean who hasn’t?

For everybody that is being cyberbullied and for anybody bullied online in the future I can tell you this… IT DOES GET BETTER. Do not lose hope. The people who bully other people are just insecure of themselves so they have to put others down to make themselves feel better. Do not stoop down to their level and make sure that you talk to people that you can trust! Don’t keep it all bottled up inside, that doesn’t make it any better trust me. The moment you feel like nobody is there for you I am here for you. I am willing to talk to pretty much anybody that needs help and I will give you my best advice because I have been there.

You can contact me by twitter which is @Calma68 but just remember, don’t take it out on yourself! Nobody should ever feel like somebody is talking down on them and making them upset or scared. You keep that head up high.