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Kacie’s Story

Middle school was really rough for me. I had just moved to a new town and I had to start a new school in this giant building with hundreds of people I didn’t know. Once people started to realize I existed and I made friends, people started taking advantage of the fact that I was new.

7th grade was the worst. This girl started spreading horrible rumors about me, and I didn’t even know at first. People would just come up to me and start saying these nasty things or give me mean nicknames and I would be so confused. Eventually I learned about the rumors. I didn’t have any friends. I stayed in my house all day. I’d be scared to check my phone or Facebook because of the rumors. I had no one. Everyone hated me.

The summer before 8th grade I made one friend, who is now my best friend to this day (I’m starting 10th grade). She went through the same thing I did and I was nice having someone who understood. In 8th grade people started saying worse things about me and to me. I was told to kill myself, I’m worthless, nobody liked me, I’m annoying, etc. Face to face and on ask.fm. I absolutely hate that app. But it came to a point to where I wanted to kill myself. But this time I had my best friend. She helped me through everything and I wasn’t alone and I had someone who would stick up for me and I went to the guidance counselor who helped me a lot.

As a freshman I was still really awkward and shy around people because I always thought everyone hated me. But I made so many great friends and now I’m in a band which is like my second family. I am no longer alone and those people don’t bother me any more. The rumors don’t show up as often. But I’m happy. And I’m glad I didn’t give up because I would’ve missed out on this great part of my life that I’m now at. I get good grades. I have my future planned.

Just know that you can make it. No matter how low you feel. Just understand that people love you and there’s at least one person out there who understands. They want to help you. It could be someone just on a help line. But someone cares. You have so much to live for.