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A message from Alyssa


My name is Alyssa and I was a target of bullying. I know how hard it is to get through life when you’re being picked on. So here is what I would do to stop bullying.

1. Do not delete any messages. Get screen shots of the conversation.
2. Tell a parent or guardian about how they are treating you online and off.
3. If this is at a school tell your principle and show the evidence of the bullying. He/she will try their best to make it stop.
4. Finally you might want to cry. I had a waterfall of tears when it was over because of the relief I felt when the bullying stopped.

I’m sorry you are on this website because it means either you or a friend is getting bullied, and that needs to stop. I don’t know you or your friend but I’m here for you if you need me. I hope I was helpful. Now have a great night/day/afternoon and eat ice cream! Ice cream won’t let you down! And just to let you know I love you until the end person reading this, and we will get through this together!