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A merry Throwback Thursday from Cybersmile…

Ho ho ho and a happy holidays to you!

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or just enjoying the winter break – we hope you’re enjoying a bumper dose of #POSITIVITY this festive season!

With lots of lucky people getting shiny new gadgets from that dude with the beard santa emoji (or much loved family members) we thought this would be a great time for a gentle nudge towards your bountiful kindness in the new year… after all, the Naughty/Nice list 2015 starts today you know.

To help us out, we’re calling on a special #TBT to Stop Cyberbullying Day 2014 with this poem from Anne Twist:

There is no call for meanness,
No need to be unkind,
Your words can be too cruel
And play havoc with ones mind…
You slay with words and actions
Without a single care
With no thought for your ‘victim’
Who cares what happens there…
But turn the table, wear the boot
And see how bad you feel
The doubt the fear the misery
That takes so long to heal…
So please all make a choice today
Be nice Be kind Be true
Make bullies part of history
This all depends on YOU

So there we have it! When you’re logging in after all the turkey has been gobbled, think about your social impact this holiday season and beyond. We’re wishing you a very merry Christmas and the happiest of new years!

Lots of love, Cybersmile HQ xoxo