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The Cybersmile Foundation And Rimmel Announce Long-Term Partnership To Tackle Beauty Cyberbullying

Beauty Cyberbullying affects huge numbers of people around the world each year, making people afraid to express their own beauty and individuality. Rimmel's support will enable Cybersmile to provide the necessary help, support and guidance to those targeted. If you are affected by Beauty Cyberbullying or any other type of digital abuse, follow the links throughout the article to our various support services.

We are proud to announce the launch of an exciting new partnership with leading cosmetics brand Rimmel that will be addressing the issues surrounding Beauty Cyberbullying and online abuse. The three-year partnership will involve joint incentives and campaigns supported by online influencers and celebrities around the world who share a pro-active attitude to online abuse and to help young girls and women build resilience to Beauty Cyberbullying.

“We are delighted that Rimmel have partnered with us in addressing such an important and relevant issue that is affecting so many people around the world. Their long-term commitment shows a real understanding of the scale of the problem and work needed to develop effective support and resources for the victims of Beauty Cyberbullying.”

Dan Raisbeck, Co-Founder, The Cybersmile Foundation

Beauty Cyberbullying affects millions of people around the world annually. A recent consumer survey by Rimmel revealed that each year, an estimated 115 million images are removed from the Internet due to negative comments or abuse, and that 46% of women who had experienced Beauty Cyberbullying went on to develop problems including self-harm, alcohol abuse, substance abuse and eating disorders. This worrying trend is a huge challenge for young people who feel afraid to explore or celebrate their own beauty through fear of ridicule, judgment and abuse.

“1 in 4 young women have experienced cyberbullying. This is why we have partnered with The Cybersmile Foundation who are committed to tackling all forms of digital abuse, harassment and bullying online. Our support will enable Cybersmile to develop an artificial intelligence tool to direct those seeking help to the right resources, helplines and organizations to give them the confidence and reassurance they most need.”

Sara Wolverson, Global Vice President, Rimmel London

In the first year of our three-year partnership, we will be developing and launching a revolutionary new product called ‘Cybersmile Assistant’. Scheduled to Launch in January 2019, this will be a state-of-the-art AI-driven tool that will be available for all visitors to the Cybersmile website from across the globe.

Initially launching in an English speaking language version, this ground-breaking virtual assistant will recommend approved local resources, helplines and organizations that can help those affected by Beauty Cyberbullying and many of its associated problems such as anxiety, body-image and depression. In addition, the AI assistant will house an evergrowing database of expert articles curated by the Cybersmile team designed to educate and empower those affected to have the confidence to explore and express their own beauty without fear. Cybersmile Assistant can operate at a truly global scale and eradicates wait times for support, meaning those in need start getting help as soon as they need it.

“As cyberbullying is the most pervasive danger to teens in developed countries, and Beauty Cyberbullying continues to escalate, it is inspiring to see Rimmel partner with Cybersmile to raise awareness of the problem and to provide much needed support to young people the world over.”

Dr Deborah Gilboa, Teen & Parenting Advisor, The Cybersmile Foundation

To celebrate the launch of the partnership, we have also published a Beauty Cyberbullying Toolkit developed in partnership with Rimmel which is available for free to all internet users around the world. The toolkit is a digital guide for anyone who is affected by Beauty Cyberbullying and details the steps you can take to protect yourself, deal with incidents and support others who are targeted with abuse because of their identity. You can download the Beauty Cyberbullying Toolkit here.

“With the damaging effects of Beauty Cyberbullying and online abuse continuing to be felt by increasing numbers of people all over the world, we are excited and proud to find a partner who is truly committed to an inclusive internet and shares our vision of a digital community where everybody can feel free to express themselves without the fear of ridicule and abuse. I am confident that our partnership will change and save lives all over the world.”

Scott Freeman, CEO, The Cybersmile Foundation

If you or any of your friends and family are affected by Beauty Cyberbullying or any other kind of digital abuse we can help. Visit our Cyberbullying and Online Abuse Help Center or learn more about our Total Access Support and how we can help you with your particular problem. For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the suggestions below.

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