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Stop Cyberbullying Day

Campaign overview

Stop Cyberbullying Day is an annual event founded and co-ordinated by The Cybersmile Foundation. The event takes place each year on the 3rd Friday of June and encourages people to show their commitment to a diverse and inclusive internet.

The campaign brings together celebrities, influencers, brands, governments and internet users – all showing their support with messages of hope, inspiration and support using the #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY hashtag on social media.

Each year, a host of initiatives and events take place on Stop Cyberbullying Day around the world involving companies, schools, community groups and individuals who each participate in different ways. Some of these activities include fundraisers, giveback days, concerts, live streams and much more.

Supported by some of the world’s biggest brands, Stop Cyberbullying Day also involves key partners such as Twitter, ESL, WWE, Riot Games and many more, all contributing exclusive initiatives and online awareness activities including exclusive interviews, public service announcements, product launches, exciting giveaways and celebrity meet and greets.

Taking place both on and offline, Stop Cyberbullying Day also engages with health professionals and the educational community, all using the event to hold meaningful discussions, announce research findings and publish expert blogs and articles.

Key news publications get involved each year, releasing editorials and documentaries that highlight the power of the internet when used for positive purpose.

Thunderclap campaign

For Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018, Cybersmile recruited the support of more than 750 influencers, brands and organizations to pledge their public support for a kinder, brighter internet – creating a social reach of more than 100 million internet users. A campaign of this scale sent out a clear message to the world.

Feedback on the campaign

The Stop Cyberbullying Day campaign from its inception has been Cybersmile’s most important tentpole event of the year. The day has grown into a truly international event where individuals, celebrities, brands and governments from around the world participate side-by-side, proudly demonstrating their support.

The effects of Stop Cyberbullying Day can be felt year-round. What began as a one-day awareness event has grown to have a year-round presence and has become an integral part of the annual calendar for some of the world’s biggest brands and educational institutions. Stop Cyberbullying Day has facilitated cultural change, positively impacted business ethics at all levels and has highlighted the important conversations around technology, young people and digital citizenship.

Stop Cyberbullying Day isn’t just a cultural event, it is a call-to-action. In the true Cybersmile spirit, Stop Cyberbullying Day excludes nobody and is an annual opportunity to make the world a better place both on and offline.

Social conversation

Millions of internet users participate on Stop Cyberbullying Day sharing their messages of encouragement, advice and support. Below is just a small handful of comments shared through various Stop Cyberbullying Days over the past few years.

  • “We’re proud to support #StopCyberbullyingDay, an initiative of our Trust & Safety Council partner @CybersmileHQ. Their work to foster & promote a truly inclusive online environment is vital. Follow @SCDHQ for updates throughout the day.” – @Policy
  • “Today is @CybersmileHQ #StopCyberBullyingDay. Let’s make the internet a place where everybody can communicate without fear of judgement, ridicule, harassment and abuse.” – @educationgovuk
  • “A message from our CEO, Darren Entwistle, on our efforts to help #EndBullying. Together, we CAN make a difference. #StopCyberbullyingDay http://telus.com/endbullying “ – @TELUS
  • “It’s Stop Cyberbullying Day today. #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY” – @tajjackson3
  • “Ask yourself how you can make a difference for others, as small as it can be #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY” – @missharvey
  • “I hope this makes a difference for all those who suffer from bullying. Awareness is key. #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY” – @Abiwim
  • “#STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY Share the love and messages of positivity with everyone. We Are Stronger Together” – @All_TogetherUK
  • “When I was a kid, internet wasn’t a thing… but bullying unfortunately was. I can’t imagine growing up having to deal with it online as well. Today is #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY . We need more love in this world. Let’s make it happen!” – @osuna_sergio

Media Highlights

On the day itself and throughout the year, Stop Cyberbullying Day receives coverage from a wide variety of media outlets ranging from magazines to print publications and industry blogs. Below are just a small selection of news outlets that have covered Stop Cyberbullying Day.

  • MTV
  • ABC7
  • Daily Mail
  • Look To The Stars
  • Film Industry Network
  • The Guardian
  • Golfmagic
  • Sportsnet
  • New Straits Times online
  • The Statesman
  • The Daily Star
  • Dhaka Tribune
  • Times of India
  • Philippine Star
  • The Star Online
  • Inquirer
  • Golf

Social impact

Stop Cyberbullying Day’s social impact can be felt around the world with the event regularly engaging upwards of 50 million internet users. Below are just a few statistical highlights from the 2018 Stop Cyberbullying Day campaign.

  • 101 million impressions for Stop Cyberbullying Day’s 2018 Thunderclap (9 million impressions in 2015).
  • 5.7 million social media impressions.
  • 35,212 engagements.

Campaign outcomes

  • Millions of people share a collective message of hope and positivity for the future of the internet.
  • Multi-territory conversation of cyberbullying, online abuse and harassment to help find solutions.
  • Companies recognizing the importance of adequate and suitable policies to address cyberbullying and online abuse.
  • Inspiration to create new community groups and organizations to maintain and amplify important conversations around online civility.
  • Influencers and celebrities connecting with their fans and fandoms, encouraging them to be kind and to support each other – cultivating a more positive community environment.
  • Victims of cyberbullying and online abuse realizing that they aren’t alone and finding the necessary help and support available.

Next Steps

If you would like more information about the process of working on a campaign with Cybersmile, visit our Campaigns page or use the form below to contact us. You can also download our most recent brand deck to learn more about Cybersmile and the work we do. We are excited to hear from you!

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