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The Filtered Life

Campaign Overview

Brita, the iconic makers of water filters wanted to address online bullying with a campaign to filter out the hate and encourage a more inclusive internet. Teaming up with Cybersmile and NBA star Stephen Curry, who regularly experiences online harassment, The Filtered Life campaign was launched. As part of the initiative, a fun Filter Your Feed tool was released as a standalone app to help users filter out negativity from their own social media feeds.

To kick off the campaign, Brita and Cybersmile launched a PSA video to highlight the campaign which included Stephen Curry and a host of guest speakers discussing the topic of online harassment and abuse.

Brita and Cybersmile PSA

Brita Feedback On Campaign

Brita was looking for a charitable partner that was actively supporting people affected by cyberbullying, online hate campaigns and harassment, which was impacting a lot of their customers. Cybersmile were selected as a charity partner for their unique work in the space and this was part of a wider effort by Brita as a company to help promote a kinder internet and raise awareness of online abuse.

“Brita is committed to helping people live The Filtered Life, reminding them to filter out the bad so they can get to the good – in water and in life – particularly important on social media. We couldn’t have found a better partner for this important mission than The Cybersmile Foundation. Their dedication to tackling all forms of digital abuse and bullying online, while promoting diversity and inclusion by building a safer, more positive digital community aligns perfectly with Brita’s goals. Through our work with The Cybersmile Foundation, we hope to make the digital world a safer space for all to enjoy, so we can filter out the hate and enjoy the great things about the internet!”

Tad Kittredge, Director of Marketing, Brita

Prior to the launch of The Filtered Life, Cybersmile and Brita worked closely to ensure that an inclusive message was promoted throughout the campaign and that people were made aware of the support services Cybersmile provide. This ensured internet users could find help and resource articles if they were facing any form of online abuse or harassment.

“In working with the Cybersmile Foundation, it was great to have a partner that was really at the forefront of this issue and provided a unique voice for these efforts as a nonprofit in the space, working directly with youth and adults alike through education and raising awareness.”

Hilleary Wright, Digital & PR Campaign Manager, Brita

Once the campaign was launched, Cybersmile and Brita received a host of positive messages and encouragement from people who had been affected by online abuse – and were inspired by its message. Internet users were also able to participate in the #FilterYourFeed initiative and shared their thoughts on social media.

Social Conversation

The Filter Your Feed campaign encouraged people around the world to think about how filtering out or removing negativity from their life leaves them with the good! Below you can see just a small selection of comments from users on Twitter who responded to the campaign.

  • “love you and what your doing Stephen your such an inspiration in my life and I appreciate you in every way #gocurry” – @Hazzil_99
  • “.@StephenCurry30 Love you more for this! Thanks @BritaUSA” – @rauldallas
  • “I love this message Steph, and I support you!!!!” – @Chanel617SN
  • “Great message Steph, thank you and your family’s leadership in our communities!” – @TallAngel23
  • “thanks Steph for this positive and timely message!” – @steven_roy
  • “just yes! Lovin this #filteredlife ad” – @LiveUnlimited0
  • “Thank you for this!” – @marylonerganart
  • “Good work! #BeKind #KindnessBeginsWithMe” – @raynielsen3
  • “I think this is a great movement, so many people making bullying over the Internet, and no one does anything about” – @the_gangzta17

Media Highlights

The campaign garnered media coverage in many leading publications, news outlets, journals and blogs. It was also highlighted in news reports and online editorials – starting a wider conversation about the impact of campaigns with positive messages and how they can encourage social change for good. Some of the media outlets that highlighted The Filtered Life included the following.

  • Ad Age
  • PRWeek
  • Yahoo!
  • CNN
  • E! Online
  • Mashable
  • Billboard
  • The Late Late Show

Stephen Curry also participated in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and discussed the campaign which was aired in April 2017 and received additional highlights throughout the year. You can watch the full segment below:

Social Impact

The Filtered Life exceeded its initial campaign goal of 70 million impressions and was able to have a far bigger social impact than anticipated thanks to a viral surge in social media engagement and strong media uptake. Below you can see the engagement and impression totals of the campaign as a whole.

  • The campaign earned over 200 million impressions overall.
  • The Late Late Show segment has been viewed online more than 10 million times.
  • Social engagement through shares, comments and likes achieved 61 million impressions.
  • The Filtered Life video series received more than 24,000 views collectively.
  • There were 11,000 engagements with the Filter Your Feed tool over 30 days.
  • Over 4200 unique users downloaded the tool to clean their social media feeds of negativity.

Campaign Outcomes

Brita aimed to educate and help people of all ages to engage in self-filtering and to be mindful of their online tone in order to make the digital world a better place, so everybody can enjoy all the benefits that the internet has to offer. This objective was achieved by the campaign with over 50,000 negative comments being removed from the internet by self-filtering internet users. See some of the outcomes below.

  • The campaign helped raise awareness of Cybersmile’s support services while educating internet users that avoiding negativity in any form improves overall quality of life.
  • Brita donated over $80,000 to Cybersmile and contributed $1 for every share on social media that included the #FilterYourFeed hashtag.
  • 54,862 negative social media posts were self-deleted in total.


The Brita and Cybersmile Filter Your Feed campaign was nominated for a total of two awards.

  • Shorty Awards (Finalist) – Best social media tool.
  • Shorty Awards (Finalist) – Consumer brand campaign.

Next Steps

If you would like more information about the process of working on a campaign with Cybersmile, visit our Campaigns page or use the form below to contact us. You can also download our most recent brand deck to learn more about Cybersmile and the work we do. We are excited to hear from you!

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