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People Not Profiles

Campaign overview

Cybersmile teamed up with Liverpool Football Club captain and England team member Jordan Henderson for People Not Profiles – a multi-purpose campaign designed to raise awareness of online abuse, provide access to education and support resources while reminding people that there are real people with real feelings behind social media accounts.

Following the announcement of the campaign, Cybersmile took control of Jordan’s social media channels and shared a range of content created specifically for the campaign to his millions of followers. Content created and shared included practical tips, empowering messages and first-hand accounts of real people affected by online abuse with honest insights into the real-life impact that cyberbullying and online abuse can have on people of all ages.

In addition to anonymized first-hand accounts from those affected, as part of the campaign, a number of elite athletes shared their own powerful accounts of cyberbullying and online abuse to raise awareness of the impact that it can have on people’s mental health and overall wellbeing.

Each social media post shared throughout the campaign offered direct links to education and support resources relative to issues touched on within that particular case study. Topics covered included cyberbullying, mental health, racism, sexuality and gender to name a few.

Campaign assets were widely shared online garnering millions of views and achieving significant international press – amplifying the social impact of the campaign.

Campaign videos

As part of the campaign, Cybersmile shared powerful video content from their archive of campaign videos on Jordan’s social media channels. Explore some of the video highlights from the campaign below:

Social conversation

Across social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – people discussed the impact of the campaign and reflected on their own personal experiences of abuse online. The campaign also received support from top-tier football bodies and clubs, who shared their support for the campaign:


  • “Keep this campaign going until people get that its WRONG!!!!” – @artisann60
  • “This is the focus of our learning next week… will be plugging the life out of this site to our students. Thanks for making me aware of it @jhenderson ❤️” – @rickers08
  • @cybersmilefoundation it’s been good to see the fantastic work you’ve been doing with the help of @jhenderson 👏👏 thank you for making us think and be aware of what goes on and what we can do to help those who have experienced online abuse xx” – @esther_lfc
  • “It has been a pleasure learning from all – I hope everyone follows @cybersmilefoundation and take advantage of the resources on hand – and please report online abuse if possible – we can #stoponlineabuse ❤️” – @_xo.mry_

Media Highlights

The People Not Profiles campaign garnered a host of international press features, including favorable reviews of its anti-bullying message and the powerful impact of the campaign felt across the wider internet community. A small selection of news outlets which covered the campaign include:

  • CNN
  • BBC
  • Channel 5
  • ITN
  • ITV
  • Sky Sports
  • Metro
  • Kicker.d
  • BT.dk
  • JOE
  • talkSPORT
  • Liverpool FC
  • TVP Sport
  • Football365
  • Yahoo! Japan
  • This is Anfield
  • News-24.fr
  • Wales Online
  • Sport Industry Group
  • Sports Mole
  • Liverpool Echo
  • The Independent
  • Infosecurity Magazine
  • Marseille News
  • Nemzeti Sport
  • RevierSport
  • Sportbuzz

Social Impact

The campaign was widely shared through digital, print and social media. The core messages and important educational themes were commended among communities online, leading to viral social media shares and meaningful conversations around the topics of digital citizenship and wellbeing:

  • Powerful educational content distributed across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  • In-depth debates and public outpouring of support for targets of cyberbullying and abuse online.
  • Important positive activism by supporters of the campaign to spread the message further and educate young people on the consequences of our online interactions.
  • Increased awareness of real human impact relating to toxic online behaviors.

Campaign outcomes

Through a carefully structured campaign, Cybersmile and Jordan Henderson reached millions of internet users around the world across a number of platforms with a powerful reminder that there are real people with real feelings behind social media accounts.

The People Not Profiles campaign directly impacted, educated and supported large numbers of people from all demographics. Some key outcomes include:

  • 22,000+ people directly educated on how to use online safety tools.
  • 3,000+ people accessed Cybersmile’s advice, help and support resources.
  • 40+ people directly referred to third party specialist or crisis support.
  • 31.9m campaign impressions.
  • 721,865 people engaged directly with the campaign on social media.
  • More than 2.4m video views of key campaign messages.

Next steps

If you would like more information about the process of working on a campaign with Cybersmile, visit our Campaigns page or use the form below to contact us. You can also download our most recent brand deck to learn more about Cybersmile and the work we do. We are excited to hear from you!

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