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Understanding Depression

Most people will experience symptoms associated with depression at some point in their life, these can include overwhelming feelings of sadness or anger, lack of energy, loss of interest in things once pleasurable, social isolation and insomnia.

Although most of us can experience these feelings without them affecting our lives, for some people these symptoms can become debilitating – seriously affecting their quality of life. People suffering with depression can frequently become overwhelmed with sadness and other emotional anxieties, sometimes for very long periods of time. When a depressive episode manifests itself, it doesn’t necessarily need to be triggered by one incident – it can be triggered by an accumulation of experiences and emotions.

The symptoms associated with depression vary greatly from person to person, but each case could potentially lead to more serious problems – there is a direct link between depression self-harming and suicide. It is very important to seek professional help if you or anybody close to you might be suffering from depression.

Does the internet and social media affect people suffering from depression?

Depression comes in many forms, and each one affects people differently. Access to powerful and potentially inappropriate images, videos and content while in a fragile state of mind might lead to problems relating to personal safety and wellbeing.

Many forms of mental illness including depression can affect our ability to make sensible, well balanced decisions – the type of websites we visit and the kind of content we view requires us to have a clear understanding of the potential impact exposure to this content might have on us. One potential problem with using the internet when suffering from depression can be the accessibility of harmful online material; there is a lot of content online that ‘glorifies’ self-harm and suicide – which could seem like a ‘way out’ from the pain and sadness that the person is suffering. Whilst many online platforms are moderated to prevent unsuitable content from being made openly accessible for young or vulnerable internet users, there is still content available online that sufferers of depression may find triggering or upsetting. If someone already suffering with depression experiences cyberbullying, digital abuse or harassment, this can have a similar effect in escalating depression or emotional anxiety and increase the risk of self-harming or suicide.

Positive effects of the internet and social media on people suffering from depression

The internet can also have a very positive effect on those people suffering from depression. It can be a great resource for people suffering from mental illness by offering access to support groups and online support networks which offer people the chance to communicate with others experiencing similar challenges, feelings and emotions all over the world.


There are many useful organizations who can help you with your depression. Some organizations offer helplines to provide crisis support for people suffering with depression.