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Platform-Level Help


There are a number of options for players who need help with in-game abuse and toxicity. Many games have their own communities and in-game support facilities where you can get advice on reporting players and how to use in-game safety features. Outside of the game itself, there are currently three main platforms or networks that facilitate large-scale online gaming communities operated by Sony, Microsoft and Steam.

For assistance outside of the game itself, you will need to make contact with the one of these platforms that you are experiencing the abusive behavior on. Below we have listed useful links to the main platforms and networks that facilitate the gaming online along with some information of the support that is available. Cybersmile also provides a Global Support Service which has trained advisors that can help wherever you are in the world.


Daybreak Game Company, formerly Sony Online Entertainment have a support button on their main page that takes you to a section where you can find out how to report your problem. You can also issue yourself a support ticket if you need more help. Each game has its own community management and support team for players.


Xbox, Xbox360 and Xbox One X are products of Microsoft that allow you to connect and play with other Xbox users all over the world. For players experiencing problems with abuse and toxicity there is help available on their website.


Steam is an online gaming platform that has been developed as a community for gamers. Players can play a variety of games across the spectrum and get to know each other via the Steam forum. All players using Steam have a profile which other players can see. Accounts also have a report button allowing you to flag toxic or abusive users to moderators.