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Improving Your Game

How to improve your game

Understanding your role in the game and performing well in that role will depend on a number of things – knowing your role/player responsibilities and how well you have mastered the appropriate skills for the title will make a big difference in how much you can contribute to the game.

Disciplined practice is an essential part of a player’s development, not only in the skills needed to be a winner but also in your communication and how you interact with other players. Strive to instil a positive team ethic and work together with teammates to overcome difficulties, and to maintain team integrity whether you win or lose.

Tips for becoming a disciplined team player

  • Understand your role – Make sure you understand the role and how to play your part. Take responsibility for your own development and training, identify what parts of your game need improvement and apply disciplined practice to be the best you can be.
  • Responsible gameplay – Interacting with your teammates and other players in a responsible way will help you to keep focused and deal with any friction. If difficulties arise, or heated situations occur, try to respond responsibly and not get distracted from the task at hand.
  • Owning your mistakes – Take responsibility for your own mistakes and learn from them. Admitting you have made a mistake and not looking for others to blame is good for team cohesion and can help you to discover new areas of improvement in your game.
  • Responsible Chat – Indulging in good-natured banter with teammates can be great fun but can sometimes be misunderstood or taken the wrong way. If you are playing with friends or people you know, this may be fine, but if you are playing with people you don’t know, a humorous well-meant jibe could end up in an argument. You are responsible for your own behavior so always try be aware of how it may affect other players.
  • Lend a hand – We all started off as newbies so if you play with someone who is inexperienced and struggling with some of the basics, give them a helping hand. This may not be well received by some, but most players will be grateful someone has taken the time to help them improve their game so they can contribute to the team more effectively.