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Press Office

Cybersmile Press Office


Cybersmile has a global network of representatives and experts available for most types of media requests. For press inquiries regarding The Cybersmile Foundation’s work or to request a spokesperson for cyberbullying and digital abuse related issues, please email [email protected] (Although we endeavor to reply to as many media requests as possible, due to media partner commitments and unpredictably high demand at different times, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to answer every request we receive – sorry in advance!).

For logo requests please visit the logo section of our downloadable resources and also download our Brand Guidelines to learn more about the correct use of the Cybersmile logo and brand identity.

Our policy on providing victims for media requests

We have a policy of not asking users of our support services to share their experiences in media – this includes anonymous contributions. We feel that although there are benefits to sharing these personal experiences, there are also risks that the problem can restart due to the nature of connected media. If the person who has been affected requests to publicly share their personal experience, only then are we happy to arrange media interviews and campaigns. Thank you for your understanding.

Cybersmile in the media

The Cybersmile Foundation works with most major media outlets around the world, and is a leading international authority on issues relating to cyberbullying, online abuse, internet harassment, toxicity in gaming, digital wellbeing, reputation management and many more.


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