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Cybersmile Ambassador Normani Kordei Reaches Out Directly To Fan Who Said She Saved Her Life


Normani was so touched by Juliana's letter that she recorded a video message for Juliana encouraging her to continue in being strong. If you are affected by cyberbullying or online abuse, follow the links to our trained support advisors throughout this article.

Cybersmile Diversity Ambassador Normani Kordei has sent a very special video message to Cybersmiler Juliana who wrote to us last month about her experiences with online abuse and how Normani and Cybersmile had saved her life.

Juliana was struggling with depression and anxiety following endless online abuse and harassment. She didn’t know where to turn and felt like things couldn’t get any worse. She came across a tweet from Cybersmile that changed everything – it helped her come to terms with what was happening and gave her strength to move on. She sent us a heartwarming letter about her ordeal, and told us that Cybersmile and Normani had saved her life at a time when she felt at her lowest.

Normani was touched by Juliana’s letter and has reached out to her directly to thank her and encourage her to continue to be strong and to love herself.

Normani joined Cybersmile as an Official Diversity Ambassador last year after receiving a torrent of abuse online. She wanted to raise awareness of her experiences with online abuse and harassment while giving hope and encouragement to others that are affected.

Each year, Cybersmile work with a host of Ambassadors across the world to encourage a positive and safer internet – free from fear, threats and abuse. Thanks to our global network of Cybersmilers and Official Ambassadors, we continue the Cybersmile mission for a truly diverse and inclusive internet – celebrating and promoting the power of the internet when used for positive purpose!

“We are proud to share this heartfelt video that our Diversity Ambassador Normani Kordei has recorded in response to Juliana’s letter. Normani has always been a very strong supporter of our work and was so touched by the story, she has reached out to one of her fans directly with a special message of encouragement and love. We are so proud of her for being so supportive of her fans.”

Iain Alexander, Head of Engagement, The Cybersmile Foundation

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If you need help for cyberbullying or online abuse, visit our Cyberbullying and Online Abuse Help Center or our Total Access Support section. For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the recommendations below.

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