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Two Florida Minors Arrested And Charged After Cyberbullying Related Death Of 12-Year-Old


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Two Florida minors have been arrested and charged for cyberstalking following the suicide of 12-year-old Gabriella ‘Gabbie’ Green. The pre-teen boy and girl were interviewed with their parents permission – both admitting to the cyberbullying.

According to reports, the boy charged with cyberstalking had encouraged Gabbie to hang herself while a female created false rumors about her having sexual transmitted diseases. Gabbie was also threatened with the publication of personal details about her life being exposed on the internet.

“This is an absolutely tragic situation and our counselors have been at Surfside since we first found out about Gabbie’s death. The counselors have been, and will continue to be, an invaluable resource for the students, and faculty and staff, at this difficult time and they will be available as long as they are needed.”

Bill Husfelt, Superintendent of Schools, Bay County, Florida

Police reviewed social media account activity and the records of several cell phones to pinpoint messages of abuse for the investigation. Panama City Beach Police interviewed the two 12-year-old suspects who admitted to knowing that their behavior would cause distress.

“The heartbreaking death of Gabbie is yet another reminder of the dangers that cyberbullying and online hate campaigns can pose. If anybody reading this is being affected by bullying or abuse online, it is important for you to reach out for help from your school, parents, friends or our trained advisors at Cybersmile.”

Iain Alexander, Head of Engagement, The Cybersmile Foundation

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