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Twitter Roll Out New Controls To All Users

Simply tapping the settings icon will give you access to the new controls such as the quality filter and for the ‘only people you follow’ option.

In a move to give all users more control over what they see and who they interact with while using the popular platform, Twitter have announced two major changes designed to improve the Twitter experience for everyone. This is the latest in a number of changes the company have introduced to address issues including cyberbullying, abusive tweets, user safety, spam and general unwanted content.

The first new feature is one that allows users to set notifications so that you will only see tweets from people that you follow, the function is also easier to access through an updated notifications tab (you can see this in diagram form in our feature image for this post). All users will now be able to easily turn this function on or off depending on what they want to see, and who they want to hear from.

The second feature is a quality-filter that when turned on uses signals that identify origin and behavior to filter out lower quality content such as newly set up accounts, automated tweets or duplicate content. The filter will not affect notifications from accounts you follow and is easily accessed so users can choose to use it as and when they like. Twitter see this latest innovation as ongoing in terms of its potential…

“We’ve designed the feature to learn and improve over time so what we’re rolling out is just a start, and we’ll keep you posted on updates in the future”

Twitter Blog

Up until now, only verified accounts have had the ability to adjust their notifications setting and since last year verified accounts have also been able to use the new quality filter. The expanded availability of these tools to all account holders is part of Twitter’s continual efforts to improve the users Twitter experience.

“Offering these features to all Twitter users is something that will help millions of people to manage their accounts more effectively. We welcome any tool that can give someone more control of what they are experiencing online, especially if it means avoiding any negativity”

Dan Raisbeck, Co Founder, The Cybersmile Foundation

 So there you have it, Twitter making some serious headway in the ongoing battle against online abuse! If you are affected by any form of online negativity we can help you! You can visit our cyberbullying and online abuse help center or you can view our total access support services to see the different ways which we can help you. For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the suggestions below.

So what are your thoughts about the new Twitter options? Tweet us over @CybersmileHQ! You can keep up to date with all the latest Twitter features and safety developments by visiting their Safety Center.