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Twitter Announce Commitment To Fight Abuse And Protect Freedom Of Expression

Twitter have been working tirelessly to combat online abuse while improving the experience of the platform users.

As you are aware our partners at Twitter have been working tirelessly to combat online abuse while aiming to enhance the user experience for the hundreds of millions of Twitter users that enjoy using the micro blogging platform. They have announced an ongoing commitment to ‘fight abuse to protect freedom of expression’ through a number of changes across the board. Steps taken will include –

  • Updating of the ‘Twitter Rules‘ to clarify what they consider to be abusive behaviour and hateful content.
  • Increase their investment in policy enforcement so that they can handle more reports with greater efficiency.
  • Overhaul their policy to define and capture more types of abusive behaviour.
  • Bolstered educational resources through a new Safety Centre.

We think its fantastic to see Twitter once again leading the way when it comes to tackling abuse and playing their part in helping the internet evolve positively. The best bit is because its Twitter (we love Twitter!), we know that they will genuinely protect our freedom of speech and make the best choices they can to improve the user experience of their platform. We commend Twitter for all of their efforts and hope that other platforms follow suit. Please visit our cyberbullying and online abuse help centre if you are being abused online or explore the following suggestions for more information about our work.

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