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The Cybersmile Foundation Launches Support Community to Tackle Cyberbullying

Haven’t heard the news? Where have you been?! We’ve got some great new features for you to enjoy…

The Cybersmile Foundation has launched a support community to help victims of online abuse following the closure of BeatBullying’s Cybermentors platform.

The new community website provides a safe new environment to help people of all ages being bullied online and contributes in-depth resources to victims who are seeking advice.

Planned development of the website was stepped up following the sudden closure of BeatBullying in 2014, which left thousands of young people without a community to turn to for support.

The Cybersmile Foundation’s new support community allows children, teens and adults to create their own profiles, share ideas, start threads and make new friends. Victims of digital abuse can talk about the difficulties they face together with peers and supporters to find solutions, ask questions on cyberbullying and get feedback from trained advisors.

“The Cybersmile community website is a massive step forward for children who are suffering at the hands of bullies online or via their mobile. This is what has been missing since the devastating demise of Beatbullying. I am so happy that this is happening. When BeatBullying sadly terminated with sudden effect it left adults as well as children confused, lost & shocked as to what happened.”

Nikki Bailey, Ex-BeatBullying Cybermentors Moderator & Parent

“At last we have somewhere to go as parents instead of trying to get information and answers from our children or their school.”

Sue Fawcett, Parent

People can also create fun meme images using the site’s built-in software and unique ‘Positivity Shrine’ feature, while trained moderators ensure user safety.

To find out more log on to The Cybersmile Foundation’s Support Community website.

If you’ve started to use our Support Community, we’d love to know what you think! Tweet us @CybersmileHQ or get in touch using the form on our Contact page.

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