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The Cybersmile Foundation Announce Launch Of Official School Partnerships

To become a Cybersmile Official School Partner, follow the links at the end of this article. Remember that there is a totally FREE option so everybody can become a partner without the need for a big budget!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our global Official School Partnership program. Schools, Colleges and educational institutes can now partner with Cybersmile in bringing students, staff and parents closer together to promote inclusion, diversity and positivity online. Cybersmile will also provide exclusive educational tools and learning materials that will be available to partnering schools all year-round (download the Official School Partnership Program for further information).

The Official School Partnership program provides educational institutions around the world, with access to exclusive multimedia content and materials that comprehensively address the many areas of digital security and online safety including digital footprint, netiquette, personal security, positive gaming, digital citizenship, e-safety and lots more. The program features include live expert broadcasts, webinars, videos, education modules and many other interactive learning experiences that will help schools to prepare their students and staff for safe, productive use of the internet while fostering an inclusive and diverse environment. Schools will also benefit from partner activity programs, exclusive giveaways, official digital certificates and press releases to promote their great work!

“Launching our first truly global School Partnerships program has been something we’ve always dreamed of doing. We want schools to be able to create a safe digital environment for their students, teachers and parents by providing access to a wealth of knowledge and fun activities that everybody can get involved in.”

Dan Raisbeck, Co Founder, The Cybersmile Foundation

Schools will also benefit from being involved with Cybersmile campaigns and promotions throughout the year. Positive engagement with audiences around the world with campaigns such as Stop Cyberbullying Day will enable schools to participate in raising awareness of online issues such as cyberbullying, online abuse and harassment while participating in a global mission for a truly diverse and inclusive internet – free from fear, threats and abuse.


In line with Cybersmile’s policy of total inclusion, the partnerships are available to all schools regardless of their location or budget limitations. Schools have the option to pay an annual fee or choose the ‘Fundraise Option’ which gives them the opportunity to receive full ‘Official School Partner’ status in exchange for holding an awareness/fundraising event in aid of Cybersmile – with no minimum amount needed to be raised.

“When developing the Official School Partnership program we wanted to be able to offer the same level of partnerships to all schools around the world regardless of their location or budgets. By choosing to fundraise instead of paying for the partnership, schools will be able to enjoy all the benefits of being an official partner without the need to use any funds from their already stretched budget.”

Scott Freeman, CEO, The Cybersmile Foundation


Schools will also benefit from becoming an official partner to Stop Cyberbullying Day. Partnering schools will get both partnerships automatically when they sign up and will be included as an ‘Official School Partner’ to Stop Cyberbullying Day alongside celebrities, public figures and some of the world’s biggest brands. To get more information about the partnership and for details about how to become a partner, visit the School Partner section of the website or download the Official School Partner Program. For more information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the following suggestions:

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