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Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018 Thunderclap Campaign Is Launched


After a soft launch a few days ago, the social reach has already exceeded 3 million! Follow the links and instructions throughout the article to pledge your support. By committing your support to our Thunderclap, you can show your commitment to a truly diverse and inclusive internet - free from fear, threats and abuse!

We are excited to announce the official launch of our Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018 Thunderclap campaign, counting down the days until our main event of the year on June 15th!

Ahead of today’s announcement, word quickly spread within the Cybersmiler community of our campaign launch and as of today, we are proud to say that the Thunderclap already has a social reach of OVER 3 MILLION internet users on day 1! A huge thank you to all our early adopters for signing up to our Thunderclap campaign pre-launch!

This year, we’re encouraging users from around the world to show their support for a kinder, brighter internet – inspiring and empowering others to do the same. Together, our movement can create tangible change in the world, and with our collective voice, we can transform and even save lives. Our goal is to exceed the total reach of our last Thunderclap campaign in 2015 which was nearly 10 million users! To do this, we’re calling on you to get the word out, and to help us sign up your friends, family members, business partners and community activists as we get closer to Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018.

By signing up your account on our Thunderclap page, you will be listed among our supporters and be able to follow up on our updates as the campaign progresses, along with exciting announcements! Your social reach will also be added to the grand total at the top of the campaign, and your message will be sent out live on June 15th to your followers.

How to sign up and show your support on Thunderclap

It’s easy to get started. All you need to do is to have a Twitter or Facebook account/page to pledge your support to the campaign. Follow this link to our Thunderclap and choose which platform you would like to pledge your support from (as many as possible please!) where you will see a pop-up window asking you to add your message. There will be a message already in place which is a great one to use – or please feel free to personalize this message to your own language! This message will be the one that goes out on your social media account(s) on the day. You can add whatever you choose in this box to encourage positivity online!

Step-by-step instructions

Follow the simple instructions below to pledge your support to the movement in less than 1 minute! The first thing you need to do is click this link to our Thunderclap page and then follow the steps below!



  1. Click on ‘Support with Twitter’ and add your message in the window, or you can simply leave the standard message in there if you prefer.
  2. Click ‘Continue with Twitter’ and follow the instructions to link your account. This will schedule your message to go out with everybody else’s on Stop Cyberbullying Day.
  3. (Optional), You can choose to enter your email address to receive updates about the campaign.
  4. That’s it – You are officially doing your part to make the internet a kinder and brighter place! If possible, we would love for you to so the same with Facebook now! (following the instructions below). Any problems such as your browser not allowing you to support a second time is easily fixed with our tech answers below.

Facebook page or personal Facebook profile


  1. Click on ‘Support with Facebook Page’ or ‘Support with Facebook’ and then add your personal message (or keep the one we have created for you!)
  2. For Facebook pages, on the next window you can choose which page in your account you wish the message to go out on. (If selecting your personal account ignore this step).
  3. Once you choose your message, follow the instructions to connect Thunderclap to allow your message to be scheduled for June 15th.
  4. That’s it! You should feel very proud of yourself : )

Share with your fans (optional)


At the end of the sign up process you can show your fans that you have supported the day by sharing a link to the Thunderclap campaign page and encouraging them to support a kinder internet. Select Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr underneath the green ‘Thank you for your support’ box and a message will be automatically created for you in the next window. You can also change the message but you must keep the link included in your post so it will be displayed for your fans to click on and sign up.

Good luck!


Will Thunderclap store my password?

Thunderclap will not have access to your personal details or your password when you sign up. Thunderclap simply needs your permission to post 1 status update to either Twitter or Facebook when you do with an ‘API token’.

But Thunderclap makes me enter my password and account info on the screen?

Thunderclap needs you to be signed into your account on a browser, but when you enter your details, these are being transmitted via Twitter or Facebook in a separate, SSL secure window hosted by those social platforms. At no point does Thunderclap actually see this information being entered.

Can I add more than 1 account?

Yes. Once you’ve signed up with one account, simply refresh the page and start the process again, but choosing a different page (if tied to your existing Facebook account) or login with a different Facebook, Twitter username.

I’m trying to sign up another account but the buttons appear grey. How do I get the page to reset?

If you’re refreshing on the same browser and want to add more accounts, you first need to log out of your Twitter or Facebook user that is connected on the Thunderclap menu (Don’t worry, this will not cancel your scheduled message. It will just log you out of Thunderclap).
On the top right of your screen (desktop), you will see a box with your username. Click it, and then in the dropdown window, click ‘Logout’. You can now refresh the page, and enter a new account. (The buttons will appear unclicked if you’ve successfully managed this step).

Is Thunderclap safe?

Thunderclap has been a popular campaign platform for many years hosting millions of tweets and Facebook messages for large, global awareness events, and is used by the world’s top brands and organizations including UNICEF and the Red Cross.

If you are affected by cyberbullying or abuse online, we can help! Visit the Total Access Support section to learn about the various ways we can help you with your particular problem or check out our Cyberbullying and Online Abuse Help Center for lots of practical tips and advice. For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the following suggestions.

Are you excited about Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018? Tweet us your thoughts @CybersmileHQ.