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Stop Cyberbullying Day 2017 Highlights


Stop Cyberbullying Day has grown so big it now has it's own website! Don't forget to explore the various official partnership opportunities available by following the links at the end of this article.

We want to say a HUGE thank you to everybody involved because Stop Cyberbullying Day 2017 has been a huge success! This year, organizations, influencers, brands and individuals from all over the world took part in celebrating and promoting an inclusive and diverse internet – free from fear, abuse and harassment.

To kickstart Stop Cyberbullying Day, we had none other than the Star Trek legend himself, William Shatner, to boldly take us where we’d never gone before.

Throughout the day, Cybersmile Ambassadors and supporters from all walks of life took part in sharing their positive messages and personal stories to encourage a more diverse and inclusive internet.

“We are delighted with the way the day has gone. It has been a tremendous success and we are grateful for all the support we’ve had behind-the-scenes leading up to the day itself.”

Dan Raisbeck, Co-Founder, The Cybersmile Foundation

As a Stop Cyberbullying Day first, we launched a Public Service Announcement (see below!) for the day with a host of celebrities, influencers and public figures from around the world to promote a diverse internet, urging people to celebrate all that is great about the internet.

Stop Cyberbullying Day 2017 PSA

Among the day’s activities included a special contest giveaway with Ubisoft, a t-shirt giveaway with Cybersmile Diversity Ambassador Normani Kordei, and the release of our international survey which asked 50,000 participants across the U.K. and U.S. questions regarding exposure to online bullying, abuse and harassment.

Stop Cyberbullying Day also connected with people simultaneously across 4 platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube; bringing together people to share their positive messages and videos using the hashtag #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY.

Highlights of the day


Get involved next year!

Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018 will take place June 15th so get that in the schedule now! Registration to become an Official Partner or Supporter opens July 1st where you can gain a full year’s worth of exposure for your company or organization leading up to and including Stop Cyberbullying Day 2018. Together, with your ongoing support – we can celebrate and promote all that is beautiful and positive about the internet.

If you are affected by any type of online negativity we can help! Visit our Cyberbullying and Digital Abuse Help Center or alternatively you can check out our Total Access Support section to find out the various ways we can help you with your particular problem online. For more information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the following recommendations.

Did you participate in the days events? Tweet us @CybersmileHQ.