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Stop Cyberbullying Day 2016 Has Arrived!

#SCD2016 is our 4th annual Stop Cyberbullying Day – an opportunity to join others around the world and demonstrate how positive the internet can be when used for positive purpose!

Its that time again, our annual day of online positivity and awareness is upon us. Following last year’s record breaking day, this year we are ready to amplify our messages of hope, support and positivity to a whole new level!

#SCD2016 marks the fourth year of our international day of awareness and positivity. To date, Stop Cyberbullying Day has reached millions of digital citizens around the world – but with your help, we’re confident that we can break even more records today!


Today is the day you have your chance to join us in promoting positive use of the internet while encouraging diversity and inclusion for all. A day where everybody feels a part of something special without the fear of being bullied, abused and harassed online (if you are affected by cyberbullying of any kind please email [email protected] 24/7 for a trained support advisor). Our social media channels will be using the hashtag #SCD2016 so you can join the conversation and play your part in making the internet a brighter place (remember to use the hashtag #SCD2016 though so we can find you). Our corporate partners, celebrity Ambassadors and followers from all over the world will be participating in the online activities at various times of the day (look out for a very personal contribution from Richard Armitage throughout the day).


“I welcome Stop Cyberbullying Day; any campaigns which drive awareness and positive action against cyberbullying are vitally important in addressing these online risks. As a parent I understand the real importance of internet safety in protecting our children. The internet is a powerful tool which can have brilliant and virtually limitless benefits, but with this does come some risk.”

Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education

To be a part of #SCD2016 all you have to do is Tweet a positive or supportive message with the hashtag #SCD2016, or re-tweet one of ours from our verified Twitter channel @CybersmileHQ. If you’re in the mood to be more integral to the day why not carry the hashtag all day? It’s your choice. Don’t underestimate the power your message of hope, support or positivity can have – it can genuinely change or even save a life. Together, we can make a real difference to peoples lives across the world and give everybody the right to enjoy our new connected world! If you are affected by any type of bullying or abuse online WE CAN HELP YOU! Visit our cyberbullying and digital abuse help center or view our total access support services to find out the various ways that we can help. For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the following suggestions.

What are you doing to celebrate #SCD2016? Tweet us @CybersmileHQ!