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Pope Francis To Participate In Stop Cyberbullying Day Activities

In partnership with Scholas Occurrentes Foundation, Pope Francis will launch from the Vatican, a special 24-hour Stop Cyberbullying Day telecast to bring together thought leaders from around the world to discuss all aspects of online civility.

We are proud to announce that Pope Francis will launch a special 24-hour Stop Cyberbullying Day telecast from the Vatican this Friday June 21st. In partnership with Scholas Occurrentes Foundation, the event will include contributions from 130 experts from around the world including Cybersmile, UNICEF and the University of London – all exploring digital civility and the impact of cyberbullying.

The telecast will include an online conference to explore all areas of cyberbullying with the participation of the International Youth Observatory along with experts broadcasting live from over 20 countries.

“Everybody at Cybersmile is proud and excited to welcome the involvement of Pope Francis in Stop Cyberbullying Day activities. Today feels like a huge step forward for Cybersmile, Stop Cyberbullying Day and the world’s digital citizens.”

Scott Freeman, CEO, The Cybersmile Foundation

Delegates including Cybersmile Co-Founder Dan Raisbeck will discuss the impact of cyberbullying and share potential solutions to the growing problem. Thought leaders and influencers including Cybersmile Ambassador Paige Spiranac will make public service announcements during the telecast, sharing their personal experiences of cyberbullying and their advice for those being affected.

How to watch the Stop Cyberbullying Day 2019 telecast

The event is being broadcast live from Rome and can be viewed by clicking here once the broadcast is live. The event runs from 12pm CEST on Friday June 21st for the full 24 hours of Stop Cyberbullying Day. Viewers can join the conversation and even get involved in the event by using #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY or #24hScholasTalks on social media.

We are honored to be official partners with Scholas Occurrentes Foundation and are truly humbled by Pope Francis’ commitment to bring together people from around the world to protect future generations.

If you are affected by any kind of online negativity, we can help you. Visit our Cyberbullying Help Center or click on the blue logo icon at the bottom right of the screen to open Cybersmile Assistant, our smart AI support assistant. For further information about Cybersmile and the work we do, please explore the following suggestions:

What are you doing for Stop Cyberbullying Day 2019? Share your plans by contacting us or tweet us @CybersmileHQ.